One year after

Last weeks I have been enjoying ideal climbing combination  - good form and nice weather. Since the last blog I have continued  with slow and steady progression. In rainy periods I did lots of indoor climbing where I got a bit stronger, luckily without any injury.

The rest of the time I was out on the [...]

Spring in Spain

Sometimes it’s nice to escape from the cold weather here in Sweden. The darkness, all the snow and the lack of good outdoor climbing days. Therefore, me my dad and two good friends of ours went to Siurana for a week. Finally, I had the opportunity to do what all the indoor climbing training was [...]

New Challenges

Lately, I've been super busy. Not climbing a lot for myself, but making some other goals and dreams come true. We've just opened a new gym for Slovenia Climbing Team. Our head coaches Simon and Roman have been dreaming about it for a long time and now it's here. I'm so happy and proud to [...]

The Workout

The Workout
Hello to everyone!!!
The winter is gone and the sunny days of spring  come more often, for outdoor climbing:)
This winter in Kalymnos was one of the most wet winters with a lot of  humidity in  the last 10 years, the tufas and the stalactites are wet until now.
So it was the opportunityto start indoor training [...]


The unique Moonboard build and setups allow you to train on the same problems as some of the climbers across the globe.



Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Jerry Medernach

Stitch MoonBoard

Stitch MoonBoard

Rome, Italy

Gabriele Berardi