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Training, competitions and finally Rock Climbing!

I can finally write a new blog! :)

In the last months I have been very busy with school because I had the exams, but luckily the school is over and now I can climb seriously.
I trained a lot because I had some Italian Cup competitions to participate in.


-Italy Boulder Cup in Ivrea: 7th place
-Italy Boulder Cup in Firenze: 29th place (my worst comp, I was not really in shape).
-Italy Boulder Cup in Gressoney: 5th place (my best result, I was in the final with five other athletes, I was so happy.)


Some bouldering outside that I have sent:

-Paperella 7c Champorcher

-Cheligna 7b+ Champorcher

-Scala Reale 7b+ (Flash) Chiavolino

- Marlon Brando 7b (Flash) Gaby

I have done some nice sport climbing and some very nice routes in my area and in Trento (Arco)

- Coca Cola Kid 7c+/8a ( four spit long, it is powerful route!)

- Vampirella 8a (Flash) ( My first 8a Flash ever, I am really proud! It is the first 8a climbed in Aosta Valley, I climbed this route in the same day of Coca Cola Kid)

- Faith 8a

- Thor 7c (Flash), Trento (Arco)

- In Bibita 7c/c+ (Flash), Trento (Arco)

- Nonamed 7b+ (Flash), Trento (Arco)

Casa mia 7b+ (Flash), Trento (Arco)

Last Week I went to Ceuse to relax my mind from everything, but I did a lot of boulders in fact I was really pumped and tired.

I climbed just easy routes:

- L’anus en decomposition 7a O.S.

- Dietetic Line 7b O.S.

-2001-L’odysèe de grimpeur 7b O.S.

- Berlin 7c (2nd go) ( Amazing route!, but it is a little bit polish)

Then I tried Couleur du vent 8a in Berlin but I failed the O.S. attempt in the Crux, Les Poinçonneur des lilas 8a+ and then Violent Illusion 8b in Cascade.

My last video in Champorcher: http://vimeo.com/45310894