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Summer hell

Summer in Split is really extreme. Heat is life threatening and in July was set a new all time record with 40 nights in a row with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. You dont want me to writte about how regular day looks like…



Well I know it is good to climb in bad conditions because it makes you a better person and your projects feel like piece of cake when good conditions arriwe but I decided to listen the voice inside me (rare situation to be honest) who adviced me to take the easy pace.
So far, I was climbing mainly indoors for the last few months. Except I injured my left knee while doing some really deep heel sit-hook everything else went pretty fine. Although training regime was not hard it was still enough to stay in solid shape in case that good conditions suddenly appears on the horizont. Usually in periods like this when I had to stick to similar routine for longer period I start to feel some motivation issues. This was nice chance to iron that out and become more determinated and consistant no matter what.
Fortunately I didnt experience any serious motivation crisis since there were some windy days which I spent outiside and manage to send few nice routes and gave promising attempts in harder projects. If you are fan of low budget home production you are kindly invited to check videos of Markezinovod (7c+) and Instinkt (7b+) below:


Right now I am very positive because I am going on a rock trip in few days. The plan is to get into the Alps and see where we will end up. Focus is on bouldering and my wishlist includes two things – first to get into cooler temperatures and second to have less rain than last summer in Magic Wood. I feel this is the right moment to leave. I am tired of every day routine and really need a break and change of ambient. Will be intressting to check new Saturn Pad which is pretty big fellow but after ankle injury last spring I definatelly wont complain about this :-) .

Hope to writte some nice blog in a few weeks period…Bye till then!