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Restless spirit

Combining bouldering and sports climbing allways works well in my case. Mixed a lot of these two in the last few months and really enjoyed it a lot.

20 days in the Alps sharpened my skills and reset my mind. Been for the first time in Silvretta, Tumpen, Zillertal and once again in Magic Wood. Did lots of problems, came close in many more, found projects for the future, had great time and one more – rock trip to remember! Some of the boulders I sent: Hydromancer (7C/8A), Fight club (7C), From darkness (jug) to sunshine (7C), Sideways (7C) …

Did kilometers of the best quality dalmatian limestone around Split. Still forced to climbing in shade but I am sure this will change soon. Autumn is just about to start. Love this part of year. My new MOON windstoper cant wait to hit conditions it is made for. Some latest FA’s of mine: Simultanka (8a+), Suriken (8a+), Fatureta (7c+), Posljednji PRO (7c) …

All for now friends…


Wrestlling with Hydromancer


Team spirit on Bruno block, me in Hydromancer

Sideways, MW



Supernice Schonheitsregen (7B) in Zillertal



Megaclassic Hotel California (7B+), absolute the must


Fighting the best tufa ever – FA of Simultanka in Omiš (Photos by Sandra and Cepa)