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Short Update

What’s going on lately? A lack of rock that’s what’s going for the last months. Since summer (a month in Targasonne) I didn’t climb outside. It is one of the downsides of living in the Netherlands, we have no rock! Ok Font is not too far away but still a 5 to 6 hour drive and that simply didn’t work out. This didn’t mean that nothing happened. I kind of lost my motivation for competitions, that’s the reason that I quit the Dutch team. Next year no worldcups for me. Why I lost my motivation for comps is all bit blurry for me, I think part of the disappointing results but also due to my ambitions on rock.

The motivation to perform well on real rock is just a lot bigger for me and because of a busier schedule I had to make a choice. The fact that I quit the international competition scene doesn’t mean I lost my motivation to train. Thanks to a new bouldergym close to my home motivation even might have grown. Delfts Bleau is the first bouldergym near Rotterdam (only a 10 min drive for me). The gym is pretty huge and the walls are fantastic. Together with a group of friends I manage the route setting (as one of the chief setters). Setting circuits is good fun and a good training, but it is a difficult job as well. After all that plastic climbing I am dying to climb some rock again, for new year I’ll be in Font for a week. On the top of the to do list is Gecko assis (8b/+), I did the standing start last March and want to do the sit ever since. Let’s hope the weather helps a bit.


Photo by Tim Mastik