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The Change

Hi folks! I have small news for mankind and big news for me and my family – I am pregnant! Well, it aint since yesterday, just going through 6th month now and my belly clearly shows whats going on. Feeling really happy and excited about this change in my life although I was a bit confused at the beginning. We were just packing stuff for summer boulder tour when I found out the big news. For a moment we thought about cancelling our rock trip but quickly came to conclusion that 20 days in the Alps will be nice chance to isolate in nature, consolidate my mind and accept new situation.

Also I got really nice book about pregnancy from good friend of mine so I had chance to learn practical stuff about this new world I have suddenly entered. First few risky months were kind of stressfull but since than I started to feel much better physicaly and mentally. Right now I am in some flow state of mind, everything goes according the plan and hope it will keep this way till the end of the journey. Lots of people ask me what is going on with climbing and the truth is that I didn’t climbed at all since coming back from bouldering in Alps at the beginning of September. While I was in Silvretta, Zillertal and Magic Wood I did some easy bouldering and that was it.

Since first day of The Change I didnt have any plan to climb or not to climb – I just listened to my inner voice, which is kind of common to me because my approach to climbing was allways very instinctive. I climbed for more than decade as crazy with almost no rest periods longer than week or two but now I feel opposite. Ofcourse, it is possible to climb even in late pregnancy but I dont feel this is my game. It si truth that I miss climbing a lot from time to time but there is also beauty in accepting this completely new situation and enyoj in it. This balance in life is very important I suppose. At the same time, I am looking forward to start of my new climbing career somewhere in 2013.. With new kid on the block everything will have stronger purpose. Wish you all marry Christmas and happy

New Year! Peace and love! Sandra