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The Year That Passed - 2012

So the year passed by, just like that – or so it feels, now, afterwards, when I can do nothing about anything that happened but leaf through the memories and events in my mind.


To make what could have been a very long story very short I have chosen a few events just to summon up an outline of 2012 from my perspective. I have purposely chosen not to write (whine) about injuries, school and other depressing stuff even though I must admit that these has been kind of my own constant moan at times. One thing I will confirm, however, is that right now I have a stress fracture on my right shin-bone due to overtraining. Some scans revealed it a few weeks ago. And to make this a non-whining statement (like I just promised to save everyone from), I want to say that this will be over soon enough and that I can now fully climb agin. So no excuses.

Here are an outline of some of the main events with matching pictures from my 2012! Enjoy.

Nordic Championship, Copenhagen Boulders Qualification round


Nordic Champion in bouldering 2012

Above you see the photos from the Nordic Championship in bouldering for juniors, which I won. My second Nordic title. The danish climbing gym, Copenhagen Boulders – which today also is a rallying point of the budding bouldering culture arising rapidly in Denmark at the moment – was in charge of the competition and did a brilliant job. Many of the best bouldering competitions held in Denmark have been located in this gym, and my guess is that this will be a continuing tendency in 2013 as well as it has been in 2012. In relation to the memory of this fine competition I would like to exploit this moment to give my (sort of sentimental and kind of cliché-ridden) “thank you” to Copenhagen Boulders for providing not only myself but also many other climbers with tons of motivation, memories and at times a drivelling mouth as well. So thank you for that.

Turkey, Josito-Camp



We all know this feeling

Rest day activity

Above you see some photos from my climbing trip to Turkey, Geyikbayiri back at Easter. Since we only had one week here (because of stupid school stuff, which I by putting this in brackets technically have not mentioned and therefore not whined about) we did not have time to take neat pictures or start working on projects. So I hardly just did a lot of 7th grade routes, some onsight, some flash and a single or two redpoint.
But I travelled and climbed with some great friends of mine, met new ones, got some d-vitamin, found some puppies that melted my heart and as always enjoyed the stay at JoSiTo-Camp, where the food is excellent and the staff and Tobias always are kind and inspirational.

Final route

The pictures above are from the Danish Championship in lead climbing for juniors, which I won. This was my 6th national title for juniors. Crux Klatreklub held the competition and did a great job! The routes were perfect and the lunch was good as well. I would also like to thank the staff for their help as I managed to forget all my climbing clothes at home. I would not have been able to get as far up the routes as needed on the routes in my jeans. Those gray Hummel shorts were very much appreciated, so thank you all you very much.

Some of these few pictures shows the wall where most of my endurance, power, bouldering, circuits, warm up and cool down as well as many other training and climbing sessions take place. This tiltable wall constitutes the most basic unit and is yet a very important tool in my daily training. A great thank you to Aalborg Klatreklub, it’s members, the governing body (so to speak) for making me feel like part of the family for almost 9 years now.

In june when school was over, I went to Linz in Austria to compete in the European Youth Cup with the rest of the Danish National Team. It was a great trip, and despite the overwhelmingly hot temperature not only outside the climbing hall, but supremely also inside the gym, I managed to climb pretty well on the first vertical qualification route. I still remember being pulled down the wall because the time was up just 1,5-2 m. beneath the top. A huge lesson was taught to me that day and I do my best to speed up and remember to look at my clock while climbing these days.

After competing in Linz the summer really began. I went to France in Casteljau with my family and a lot of the members from the national team as well as the two coaches. Not many pictures were taken and definitely not anyone neat for a blog post. However, I climbed a lot and climbed the route Le Grand Combat (F 8a) as a little project. Unfortunately the only visual proof I have got is a crappy video recorded on my old iPhone 3gs.
However, this annual summer trip was really great and I managed to climb a lot.

In the fall there was a deep water soloing competition in Aalborg. I did not only take the 1st place in the competition, but I also beat what I choose to call the “conflicting communication” I usually tend to have with cold water. This was a great competition and it really motivated me to contest in other deep water solo competitions.

This picture is from my last national championship in bouldering in the category called U18, belonging to the juniors league. I won this competition.
Ever since I was 12 and able to compete in a national championship for the first time, I have contested in all but one event – due to the fact that an old class mate of mine dropped a bowling ball on my middle finger only few days before the competition, which caused it to swell up to double size.
I have taken 5 silver medals,1 3rd place and 7 golds in the different junior categories all in all. I would like to thank every danish climbing gym, trainers, route setters, judges and all contestants for making my years as a junior very fun and teaching.

Pictures above are from the competition called Aalborg Open.

Over christmas me and my family went to the sports resort Las Playitas on one of the Canary Islands called Fuerteventura.
I spent the 8 days swimming in the olympic swimming pool (50 m), playing volleyball, tennis, table-tennis/ping-pong, step-dancing, cycling and working out in the biggest fitness I have ever seen. All in all I improved my general fitness and I now have a great starting point to begin the development of a great climbing shape for 2013. Since this will be the year where I graduate I will get my long wanted freedom and emancipation from school and everything other that has got nothing to do with climbing. 2013 will be a great year!

Happy new year to all of you from me,