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Me and my boyfriend Gu spent nearly the whole February in Tenerife for rope climbing and bouldering. Meanwhile Gu was focused on bouldering, I spent most of the time for rope climbing – and this is one of the best things about Tenerife: If there is a rope-climbing area, there is always a bunch of Blocs lying around wait to be climbed in its perfection. Gu was as usually super quick with repeating all boulders and he did so many first ascends that I was already after one week scared, he could get bored, BUT “fortunately” he found this super project witch wasn’t climbed for more than 10 years – although there were a lot of strong people trying it.

Meanwhile he was spending time on that project, I couldn’t get enough of all the rope climbs. There are so many areas with a lot of routes from steep to totally overhanging and there is endless potential for new routes and clean climbing (because of all the cracks). The only problem for me about Tenerife was – getting resting days!

Back to Gu and his project: after two days of trying he got closer and closer to do all the moves of the boulder. That first far move in a steep roof wasn’t too easy to stick. On the third day he was finally able to stick it with his “Ninja power” (the name of the boulder is Ninja). But there he realised the first time that it needs extra moves to climb further. He found the beta quick, but it was so exhausting to climb that boulder, so he took another break of one day. On the fourth day of trying (Gu said that’s already one of his longest projects) he finally sticked the first move, added the extra moves and climbed out that super amazing roof – so precise, as if he’d climbed it already 100 times. It was great to watch. I guess my heart went faster, than Gu’s cardio system. ☺

The man behind the scenes: WALTER:

How come we were getting on this trip? Frank Kretschmann – a German photographer – asked us, if we want to join him exploring Tenerife. As we were first a lill’ bit sceptical if it’s worth going there (especially for Gu with his focus on bouldering), we contacted Walter. An Austrian “brother” that lives in Tenerife since ten years. He told us that there is a huge bunch of stuff to explore and we trusted him, booked flights and left on the next day. Walter is a very inspiring person. I mean yes – he’s having his own mind, but that’s what makes him so amazing. He’s always psyched and motivated (and he believes in human power and happy ends. ☺ ) Walter showed us all the best lines and projects. He knows everything about the island and he helps everybody with everything. Meanwhile these days he is trying to get the climbing project bigger he established some years ago.

This project shall help climbers having a good time in Tenerife. Very cute are the self-build holes in the mountain where you can sleep in. These holes are located in a camping area directly in a climbing area so sunrise and full moon “vom Feinsten” are included.

Well, as all good things, also this trip came to an end. After 16 days of amazing rock climbing and people that all shares the same inspiration, I had to leave Tenerife, but I guess it wasn’t the only time I’ve been there.


For future information have a look at: www.rasclat-germany.de and the FB account is climbing teneriffe.