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Back to the roots with Franko

Hi everybody!

It ‘s been a four months since I gave birth to a small boy named Franko. Pregnancy was a real adventure but nothing compared to excitements of these days. Sure all parents know exactly what I am talking about :-) . Life has changed a lot but definitely for better and I truly enjoy it.

First month after cesarean cut was pretty tough. Generally I was happy and proud but in physically aspect felt horrible. Though I tried to prepair the best I can for those post surgery effects I was pretty shocked with how weak I was. Still two weeks after surgery I could hardly endure a five minute walk around the block and it took me a while to accept this condition.

The turning point in my recovery happened at the beginning of the May when I jumped into the sea for the first time. The water was still cold and I felt amazing blood rush through the whole body. This healing breath of life made me so alive again and probably this was the moment when I started to think about climbing again.

7 months without climbing passed quickly like a one big rest day. I almost didn’t have time to miss it and with the huge belly in front of me there was no point to think about it too much. Once when all that was behind me I decided to try climb again. Before the first session I was so anxiet to see how it will go like I was going on a first date but soon all those feelings disappeared when I started to move between the holds. You can just imagine how weak I was but suprisingly I was pretty ok with that. It was still love at first sight and I was just happy to be able to climb again on no matter what level. Climb for the love of it and nothing else – the pure roots why we all started once.

And so, these days I am going through the second start of my climbing career. Fighting hard in overhangs, on small holds, slopers, long moves, lock offs, high step ups, tension moves, spending time on old spots and repeating the old routes where everything once started. I am taking it easy and I really enjoy it, specially when small Franko is in the sector.

Cheers all.




p.s. Still climbing in my husband shoes. Wish to get into my old ones but they hurt so much :-)



^^^ For these fingers all holds are big :-)


^^^ Back to the Marjan area although the winter season is over


^^^ Plastic session at Marul Gym…love this place.