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Think more, climb more

Getting back into shape after giving birth is not a simple task but so far I am very pleased how it goes. I am enjoying the whole process and my climbing definitely improved since the last blog. Want to share few thoughts I ´ve been thinking about lately:
- Repeat old routes – often!
- Save some (easy) lines – you ´ll need them!
- Keep the team spirit!


Repeating the old routes that you already climbed once, doesnt make much sence if you have chance to non-stop travel like a pro. But, since majority of us spend the most of the time on our local spots, repeating the old routes (not counting those for warm up) should be done daily. My husband does this pretty often and I remember that he told me few times how it is good thing to do from time to time and for many reasons. Honestly I never thought about this much but now I understand what he was talking about. These days I am often thrilled with the quality and the beauty of this forgotten routes. I did them once, moved to another project and usually never entered them again. It is nothing wrong with that but the truth is – top quality route can give you much more than just one send. The „old“ routes can be great training tool and after long pause like mine, repeating them can help to build confidence and compare the current form with the past times. Also, knowing how difficult these old routes are, helps a lot with grading the new routes in the areas.

Definitely it also makes sence to save some (easy) unclimbed lines on those local spots where we spend most of our days. Right now I am so glad that I still have some of them left although I could climb them easily many times before. Back then I didnt care to much to climb all of them and now, I thank God for that. Save some routes, you will need them after long periods of rest. Repeating the old routes is great but we all need daily dose of fresh new terrain.

Autumn brought good conditions and there are many climbing areas around Split so sometimes it is hard to decide where to go. This is surely great place to live if you are a climber but ironicaly the only thing that I miss from time to time is the team spirit in the crags. Many people I used to hang out with stopped climbing and changed their focus on some other things so the local climbing scene is definitely not going through its best times. Climbing is very social activity and it is much more fun when we do it in the team spirit so I am hoping this is just a phase that won´t last for too long.

Till the next time…



^^^ Climbing in Golubinjak (Croatia), perfect summer crag…

^^^ This is how we rest between the routes :-) (frome left: Ena, Malik, Yass, Mara, Franko and me)

^^^ Training on my home board on Brač. Small but just enogh to gain some power…

^^^Spin doktor (7a+) what a crazy route! Klobuk area, Croatia…

^^^ So glad I didnt climbed it before :-)! Super slaby – Peglica (7b), on Markezina greda.

^^^… photo by Luka Kivela

^^^ Testing Moon Aerial pack in heavy autumn shower. Everything stayed dry inside!