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Ups & Downs

Last few months turned into totally unexpected direction. I was just starting to feel light and strong when something snaped in my righ middle finger during one gym session. I already had problems with tendon sheets from time to time but this was something different and I immediately knew that I ruined few months of good training and will have to start once over again.

So instead climbing outside on the premiere Dalmatian limestone in cool autumn conditions I ended up indoor on physiotherapy sessions at my friend Goran Vratarić. He treated my finger with microwaves, magnet, ultrasound, massage and we included elbow into the sessions since it hurted from time to time due to 2mm calcification I had on right medial condil.

In the meanwhile my climbing club Marulianus finally signed rent contract for the place where we will build our new climbing gym. It is a huge project and once finished this will surely be the biggest climbing gym in Croatia. Beside great boulder area etc. , the plan is to open hard core lead wall that will be 40°overhanging – 20m long and ofcourse Moon Board – first in this part of Croatia. Concerning the amount of work we have in the new gym it didnt take long to realize that regardless of injury I wont have free time for serious training till we finish the first part of the gym.

Luckily since the last week my finger started to feel significantly better so I started with some easy climbing. I am glad that I find so much joy in easy and simple movement on the rock because it is clear sign that years of training and searching for allways harder lines didnt take me away from the essence.

Think it is time to start composing my 2014. ticklist…



p.s. I must mention gel named Reulik (100% natural, made in Croatia) which did great job for my injured finger, beside regular physiotherapy!


pp.s. Ups & Downs photos (from the top): On Markezina greda checking new very hard project and doing FA of Bebito (8a). Electro microwaves session and climbing in left cave sector of great Klobuk area…