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The gift from the unusual winter

“I like to be in the nature, away from man made structures of plastic, that just don´t inspire me.” – wrote once Chris Sharma and perfectly described his but also mine attitude towards climbing indoors. My outdoor oriented character blessed with nice climate and so much rock around the place I live shaped my climbing style. I learned how to climb good on rock but remained relatively weak in physical aspect.

For a climber like me winter season has always been reserved for climbing out as much as possible but this time it turned into complete opposite direction- building our new gym. So ironic at first, but in fact far from that.

This new climbing gym is becoming the masterpiece of the generation. To imagine such a training spot in Split some years ago would be like science fiction. In town where southern easy going life style is stronger than anything, showing such an enthusiasm and team spirit, working hard and building something so ahead of all this region ever had is really a rare case and kind of miracle.


*The big overhang before…


Soon after we opened the first par of the gym it was clear that I am facing the new climbing style. For years our scene was limited by really small/short boulder gyms where it was all about traversing left or right with few additional upward moves. We were often joking that Split has some of the best climbers in the world in the field of traversing but now it is all about going straight up. You go big, you go high, the feeling is brand new and it will take some time to get used to this new dimension. It is sure that here even the old aces can properly shock their adapted body and get stronger. What a gift from this unusual winter we have been going through!


*…and after (photo Kivela)


I want to greet all my friends – The Trlish Crew working hard in the new gym beside their regular full time jobs and other obligations. They forgot how it´s like to spent pleasant day with their beloved family but it is all for a higher purpose. Wish them to stay motivated and strong till we finish the whole work! Right now the Team A is building wooden structure for the next sector of the boulder wall and the Team B is isolating the walls with styrofoam.




*First Moon Board in Split designed by Šime Malenica & friends. Original set is just enough for the beginning. (above)

*Going big – the brand new feeling! (below by Kivela)