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One year after

Last weeks I have been enjoying ideal climbing combination – good form and nice weather. Since the last blog I have continued with slow and steady progression. In rainy periods I did lots of indoor climbing where I got a bit stronger, luckily without any injury.

The rest of the time I was out on the rock as much as possible and on the mission to chase the lines from my ticklist, manily composed of numerous old debtors. To climb these lines that I already failed is usually pain in the ass. I bet it is allways much easyer to do the new „hard“ route than „easy“ old one which doesnt fit your style.




Returning into old line is the real test of your ability and eventual success is clear sign that you got better in some way or another. I wouldnt say it is the most important question did you get physically stronger, or your confidence raised, or you got better mental approach and clever new beta – because it is all climbing, so progress in any link of the chain is improvement in general.



And yes, I did few really nice debtor lines. Even better I did them in confident style though I remember having hard time in the past. Among the others I climbed The Clash (8a) and funny thing is that it happened few days before our small boy Franko celebrated his first bithday. Oh, what a year!!!