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Ben Moon's Climbing Diary From 1990 Weeks 6 to 7

It's now been 6 weeks since I had the wire removed from my thumb after a skiing accident and I am now only 4 weeks away from making the first ascent of Hubble at Raven's Tor which was to become the worlds 1st 9a route. It doesn't look like I get much training or climbing for the next two weeks due to working on a terrible Bogna film called Fire, Ice and Dynamite which I thankfully  never got to see. Maybe this forced rest for 2 weeks was a good thing for me since I'd now been climbing and training for around 6 weeks and was due a change of scene before starting the route campaign in earnest.   Scan 5Read More...

Ben Moon's Climbing Diary From 1990 weeks 4 & 5

Here is week 4 and 5 in the build up to the first ascent of Hubble. Not much training going on but lots of air miles! Shortly after the world cup competition in Austria Jerry and I flew out to Tokyo for a demonstration comp which I think Yuji won. It was a flying visit but great to see a little of Tokyo. Lots and lots of people, really good healthy food and video games which were light years ahead of what we had in the UK at the time although Jerry and I did get into a bit of a scrap over these! Scan 4Read More...

Ben Moon's Climbing Diary From 1990 weeks 3 & 4

I am still on the come back road from my skiing injury which had put me out for a couple of months and it would appear the focus at this point is a world cup competition in Vienna, Austria in the last weekend of April. In an attempt to get my endurance up I am flitting between Raven's Tor, Lower Pen-Trwyn and Malham. At Malham I am trying Mark Leach's hard new route Cry Freedom (formerly the aid route Controversy) which weighed in at a hard 8b+. Needless to say the comp didn't go well and I went out in the semi-finals. Scan 3Read More...

Ben Moon's Climbing Diary From 1990 Weeks 1 & 2

To celebrate the first ascent 25 years ago of what is now widely recognised as the worlds 1st 9a route we will be publishing each week my climbing diaries from 25 years ago leading up to the ascent. To give a little bit of background to these diaries the winter of '89 was spent training on my newly constructed training board in the cellar of the small 2-up 2-down terrace I was living in in Sheffield. Although a very basic training board by todays standards it was never the less quite a leap forward for us. Bear in mind that at this time there was no commercial climbing wall in Sheffield and all our training consisted of bouldering either on man made stone walls like Broomgrove Road wall or on the peak limestone and grit. Now we were able to train on a specific style of problem and to train whenever we felt like it regardless of the weather. It certainly paid off and by early February after several months of training I was feeling perhaps the strongest ever. Before attempting to freRead More...

Spring/Summer 2015 Promo Film

  • 03.04.2015- by Ben Moon
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Our new spring/summer 2015 clothing range will be landing at your local retailer any day now and is also available online here at Moon Climbing. We put the following promo film together to give a flavour of what to expect. We hope you enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCARvWPk7SoRead More...

FIBO Competition Sheffield

Some old timer recently came first in the Sheffield FIBO bouldering completion. Here's a short film that the host The Foundry Climbing Centre produced after the event. We hope you enjoy.

F-BO15 - Foundry Bouldering Open 2015 from The Foundry Climbing Centre on Vimeo.


On the damage caused to rock by brushing.

  • 12.02.2015- by Ben Moon
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North East climber and photographer Mark Savage recently sent me a photo of the damage done to the classic Bowden problem Vienna. The damage is obviously due to its popularity and Vienna is certainly not unique in this respect. There will be classic problems all over the country which are sadly changing for the worst. One of the causes of this damage is from excessive brushing to remove excess chalk so as to improve the grip between fingers and rock. We all do it and it’s almost become a ritual, part of the mental process of preparing for a hard send. However it’s worth questioning how effective this process is, is it worth the damage it causes and are there better alternatives for improving the friction and therefore your chances of success? I have done plenty of brushing in my time and my company even sells brushes but in most cases I don’t actually believe it does help to improve the friction. The only cases where it might help are where the hold obviously hasn’t beeRead More...

What is The Moon Board?

Now that the School Room is back in business and we have a sexy new Moon Board to train on we thought it was time to make a short film explaining the concept and benefits of training on a Moon Board. We hope you find this film helpful and motivating. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mgl1hNgXr1oRead More...

Showing 1 to 8 of 647 posts