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Climbing Gear Stolen from Moon Climbing

As you now all probably know we got burgled on Saturday. The thieves took about 3500 units of men and women’s clothing, packs and bags. All of this stock was stolen from an overflow warehouse we have been using during this busy period. It seems like it was well planned and the robbers knew what they wanted. Yesterday I visited several local businesses and using their CCTV footage have pieced together what happened. There were 3 robbers driving a white high top Ford Transit van. They broke in to the warehouse on foot at 14.00 with the van following shortly after. They took about 30mins to load the van and left just before 15.00. They came back again on foot at 18.30 but were disturbed by one of my neighbors and made their escape. Using the CCTV footage we have managed to map the route they took after the robbery but as yet have not been able to identify either the robbers or the vehicle registration but I am hopeful we can. So far the police don’t seem to be that interested in soRead More...

CWIF Competition

Before heading out to Siruana I received a text message from ex British Bouldering Champion Gareth Parry inviting me to compete in one of his Bloc Fest competitions. Since the comp was the next day it was a bit last minute and I had to decline. Strangely the invite coincided with a dream I had had the night before in which I was back in the competition arena. Goodness knows what Freud would have made of that, midlife crisis perhaps? Anyway whilst in Siruana I had the crazy idea of entering a Moon team in the up and coming CWIF competition at The Climbing Works. After a few phone calls and text messages I had recruited British junior champion Molly-Thompson Smith, young talent Tom Newman, my friend and Climbing Works regular Bob Smith and some old has been called Ben Moon. Since returning from Siruana work and family commitments have meant that my climbing and training have taken a back seat but in a token effort to prepare for CWIF I did squeeze in one session at The Climbing WorRead More...

Sport-Climbing In Siruana

  • 14.02.2013- by Ben Moon
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I am with friends in Siruana at the moment for a short sport-climbing holiday. It’s probably the first sport-climbing trip in about 15 years and I have to say it’s been a huge amount of fun. Most of the friends I am with are of a similar age to myself and we all lead very different lifestyles to those we lived 15 or 20 years ago. The past few days have brought back many fond memories of past trips when younger and confirms why we all love climbing so much even whilst failing at it! I’ve heard so much about Siruana over the years but have never had the pleasure of climbing here but it hasn’t disappointed. Quite a few people told me the style was old school and I would have to agree but for me this is definitely a positive. Most of the climbs vary from just off vertical to slightly overhanging and the style generally is fingery and quite technical. Yesterday we bumped in to the legendary Tony Arbones who put up many of the classic Siruana hard routes of the 80s and 90s and is Read More...

Moon Arete, Horsetooth Reservoir

Here a short film from David Mason climbing at Horsetooth Reservoir, Colorado. I made the first ascent of Moon Arete way back in 1991 when I went there with Christian Griffith. This was a time when bouldering wasn't really recognised and 1st ascents not always named which was the case with this problem. I don't really remember much about the ascent and it didn't bother to name it and it was probably Christian who called it Moon Arete. It nice to see it's become such a classic problem.


New Found Motivation For Climbing

I wrote the following Blog about 2 weeks ago but for some reason didn’t get around to publishing it but the very sad news today of the death of Patrick Edlinger at the age of 52 only confirmed what I had already been thinking. I am not a morbid person nor prone to morbid thoughts but it is a fact that we are not long on this earth and if we are not careful life can pass us by very quickly. I didn’t know Patrick well but met him on many occasions in the late 80s at competitions and on the crags in the south of France. He was passionate about his climbing, technically brilliant, elegant to watch and inspired a way of climbing that was adopted by many. His climbing achievements are second to none but more than this prove he understood the value of life and of how fortunate he was to have found something he felt so passionate about. Although most of us would love to have pushed the limits of climbing like Patrick ,at the end of the day it’s not how hard you climb that matters, but hoRead More...

Moon Board T-Shirt Graphic Competition

Moon Board T-shirt Competition Okay now’s your chance to get both creative and on the front of a new Moon Board t-shirt! We are currently working on some new t-shirt graphics and one of the ideas we are playing with is a montage of climbers Moon Boards. There are already some nice photos of your Moon Boards on the Moon Climbing website but we would like to see if you can do even better. The winning entries will get a free t-shirt and the glory that goes with being on the front of a Moon Climbing t-shirt. If you would like to give this a go you can use any of the following methods to send us your photos.

  • Upload to the Moon Climbing Facebook page.
  • Upload to the Moon Board website.
  • Email your files via the Moon Climbing website.
We don't have any special requests we just want good photos. They could be black and white or colour and could be with or without a climber, use your imagination but nothing that's going to ofRead More...

Ben Moon's Climbing Diary

Although I might have been a bit slack in re-releasing my old climbing diaries, back in June and July of 1990 I was definitely not slacking. Fresh from my success on Hubble, the worlds first 8c+ my attentions have turned to the world cup leading comps in Spain and Italy in a few weeks time. After focusing on strength for the past few months it’s now time to work my endurance and on sight skills in preparation for the up and coming competitions.

24th June 1990

“Kilnsey. Warm up. Try Dreamtime. Fall. Do it second try. Bad weather, tried The Bulge. Fall near top. Felt good on it. Pumped out. Try redpoint, fall same place! Very greasy. Medium day”. I vaguely remember this day, both trying and failing to onsight both these routes. 25th June 1990 “Filmed Hubble then pumped out hard. Body Machine, up and down Indecent ExRead More...

Ben Moon's Climbing Diary

Moon Blog

I was rooting around in my attic the other day and came across all my old climbing diaries that I started keeping towards the end of 1989. This gave me the idea that maybe we could make a regular feature of these dairies in the newsletters and Moon Blog, a kind of “what I was doing this time in…” I think some of you might find some of these entries interesting and if you don’t well, just hit the “unsubscribe” button!

So here is the first and it’s “this time in 1990…”

Coincidently it’s the build up to the first ascent of Hubble at Ravens Tor which became the world’s first 8c+ and has still onRead More...

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