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WARNING: This is a long blog!

WARNING: This is a long blog! On Monday 4th March I climbed my most significant boulder problem to date. Superman at Crag X in the Peak District is a non-descript eliminate up a [...] Read More

Repetitive Training and the Olympics

A month since touching back down in the UK and I am pleased to say it has been productive! Colorado was a complete write off for me with temperatures soaring way above averages for that time of [...] Read More

A Colorado Story.....

After 23 hours with no sleep we finally arrived at our home for the summer. 110 Mohawk drive, Boulder, Colorado! Jackie, Chris and Kevin our hosts, a thank you to tem. Too tired to be excited we [...] Read More

A Spring Summation

Summing up the last few months won’t take long really because not much has happened. The weather has been all over the place; hot humid days have mingled with rain, sleet and even snow and [...] Read More

Spud Guns and Hat Wearing

Since watching that classic production Consumed I have always wanted to do Grand Potato, which in old money used to get E7 6b but now with a few pads is more like font 7a+. Last year it was [...] Read More

Heaven in Your Hands

A very, very good gritstone boulder problem! I could leave it there but I will expand upon that sentence a little. This bloc is at a craglet by the name of Brandrith in North Yorkshire; it was [...] Read More

God’s Own Rock is Sandstone!

After all if he was to make the perfect climbing conglomerate why would he put great big pebbles and small lines of crystals that supposedly make holds in the mix?! Torn skin anyone?! OOO [...] Read More

Cod Finger, Cornelius and Campussing

Well the weather in England has started to warm up, spring definitely appears to be on the way! This renews my psyche for training as it looks like cold gritstone days are a thing of the past for [...] Read More

Showing 1 to 8 of 8 posts