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GU photo blog

  • 18.12.2012- by Guntram Jorg
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Anam Cara 8C

  • 21.03.2012- by Guntram Jorg
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Ed - Guntram Jörg - Gu to his friends - talks about his impressive repeat of Anam Cara 8C in September 2011.

After doing all the moves my body felt ready but my mind wasn’t. My wish of linking those moves turned into a dream. A dream of having a moment of success.

Anam Cara challenged my life in so many different aspects. It was not only about strength commitment and mind because it tested my love and significance to climbing. Never could I be sure of winning the fight between the rock and me. It was not even sure that my body would be strong enough to climb at that level.

The day of success.

On this day I didn’t even want to try Anam Cara. My project for the day waRead More...

Showing 1 to 2 of 2 posts