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Deja Vu

After a quick 15 hour flight from Salt Lake City-Chicago-Dublin and finally Paris, the once far away magical forest of Fontainebleau was within my grasp. I love returning to an area 10 years [...] Read More

American Ninja What!!

After topping off the amazing winter and spring season of climbing with the first ascent of Force of Nature(V14) I found myself in the hottest part of Utah and gearing up for a season of work [...] Read More

American Ninja Warrior

Not a whole lot of climbing these days with the heat coming into effect, but other opportunities are in the horizon, Check this Out. Read More

Isaac Caldiero 2nd ascent of Bovice 8a+

Here is a small piece of an amazing steep roof located in Southern Utah, hopefully it will cheer everyone up after the burglary, all the best and a big thanks goes out to Ben Moon for always [...] Read More

Force of Nature 8B+

    Force of Nature 8B+ Video of my latest project! Enjoy! Read More

New 8B+ in Utah

After nearly three years of work battling through shit conditions and a lot of failure, I finally managed to get on top of a beautiful piece of rock that has consumed me and kept me up late for [...] Read More

California's Best by Isaac Caldiero

After a long heinous summer in Utah, the battling with crap conditions is finally over! Only 8 hours of driving delivered us to the higher elevated maze of rock and [...] Read More

Beating the Heat

Well…. summer has arrived here in Utah, and is in full effect. You'd think beating the heat would be possible, you know wakin up at 5 am having a quick slurp of coffee and your out the door! I [...] Read More

Showing 1 to 8 of 10 posts