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Another Ninja Year

  • 15.10.2014- by Isaac Caldiero
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Another year has gone by since our first appearance on the TV show American Ninja Warrior, my training has evolved ten fold since then compared to any previous years I've had in climbing, I guess when you have serious incentive like winning $500,000 its worth investing the time and pain of training. I have never been an advocate for training and thats what has been one of the biggest attractions for me to rock climb, and when I say rock climb I mean actually outside climbing rocks. You can go out with friends, be in nature, having fun doing what you love without feeling the annoyances and pressure to train and get stronger. It just happens naturally and thats what I have always loved about climbing. Its taken me to great extremes and amazing places that I had only dreamed of in the past. But, when it comes to being number 1 and being above and beyond in skill and strength, I have recently found it mandatory to train. The skills I've developed in a small amount of time in ninja traininRead More...

Deja Vu

  • 15.01.2014- by Isaac Caldiero
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After a quick 15 hour flight from Salt Lake City-Chicago-Dublin and finally Paris, the once far away magical forest of Fontainebleau was within my grasp. I love returning to an area 10 years later for its as if I had never been, everything fresh and new but still so familiar, a bit of deja vu was clearly present. We snatched up our spiffy French car and hit the road, after sussing out our living sitiuation with a good friend the time had come to attack the precious boulders. Unfortunately the ever present moisture and dew had devoured the boulders and never seemed to evaporate. Climbing in Fontainebleau is by far one of the most technical styles of rock in the world, its also extremely temperature dependent. The conditions were completely horrible, and even the thought of projecting anything above the warmup grade was out of the question. It was fun for a day or two but after 3 weeks of the continuous let down, my mind began to go a little cuckoo. Nearing the end of our France advenRead More...

American Ninja What!!

  • 17.09.2013- by Isaac Caldiero
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After topping off the amazing winter and spring season of climbing with the first ascent of Force of Nature(V14) I found myself in the hottest part of Utah and gearing up for a season of work here in Zion, Utah. Unmotivated by the nuclear temperatures, training for climbing was out of the question. So what else do we do? I heard word from my good friend Noah Kaufman that he got accepted onto a TV show know as American Ninja Warrior, I became intrigued and in the last minute on the last day I threw together a submission video. Unfortunately I was too late and the casting crew informed me that my region was full and they had already picked their competitors for the year. At the moment I could care less about being on the show, I just really wanted to test my skills on the obstacle's. This really bummed me out, so I further researched getting into the competition and found out there is one last chance. It involved getting into whats called a walk-on-line. We packed our bags and drove toRead More...

American Ninja Warrior

  • 14.05.2013- by Isaac Caldiero
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Not a whole lot of climbing these days with the heat coming into


Isaac Caldiero 2nd ascent of Bovice 8a+

  • 30.03.2013- by Isaac Caldiero
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Here is a small piece of an amazing steep roof located in Southern Utah, hopefully it will cheer everyone up after the burglary, all the best and a big thanks goes out to Ben Moon for always making the coolest clothes and keeping us all psyched to do our best! VIDEO! http://player.vimeo.com/video/62778007  Read More...

Force of Nature 8B+

  • 07.03.2013- by Isaac Caldiero
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    Force of Nature 8B+ Video of my latest project! Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/61176670Read More...

New 8B+ in Utah

  • 19.02.2013- by Isaac Caldiero
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After nearly three years of work battling through shit conditions and a lot of failure, I finally managed to get on top of a beautiful piece of rock that has consumed me and kept me up late for countless nights. Force of Nature was born on the afternoon of January 31st 2013. Although its not the hardest problem in the world it definitely ranks upon one of the hardest boulders in the west coast of the U.S. and may be the hardest done line in Utah. I gave it the personal grade of 8b+, it could be harder or easier for others, time will tell. Force of Nature begins by doing 6 sustained 8a/8a+ moves into a single 8b move. With the hardest move being at the end, it was extremely difficult for me to keep friction from the start into this move. I am so relieved to have finished this masterpiece of rock,, and can't wait for the next inspiring line to consume my next stage of life. Apart from my huge send, I have been focusing a lot of energy towards numerous F.A.'s of all grades. The future of Read More...

California's Best by Isaac Caldiero

  • 20.10.2012- by Isaac Caldiero
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After a long heinous summer in Utah, the battling with crap conditions is finally over! Only 8 hours of driving delivered us to the higher elevated maze of rock and trees of Lake Tahoe, California. Located at the north eastern tip of the grand sierra mountains, lies endless fields of perfectly featured granite blocs hidden deep in the massive pine trees. Our goal is to search out the best problems in the area at all grades. We have been here 2 weeks now and just when you think you've seen all the best problems, another untapped valley of rock is mentioned by locals. Our good friends Jesse and Joe along with fellow traveler Ian have been gracious enough to give us the grand tour.

About one week ago the cold temps arrived along with the unleashing of the beast warrior within. Our first location to attack is known as the Erratica blocs. In just 2 days I was able to fire off most of the classics including 2 notorious problems first established by Jesse BoniRead More...

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