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Summer months

Soon, summer is coming to an end. I've had a fantastic summer so far. Basically, it has all been about climbing. Outdoor climbing, climbing trips, indoor training, climbing comps, [...] Read More

Spring in Spain

Sometimes it’s nice to escape from the cold weather here in Sweden. The darkness, all the snow and the lack of good outdoor climbing days. Therefore, me my dad and two good friends of ours went [...] Read More

My first senior competition

A few a weeks ago, I participated in my first senior competition, the Nordic championship. Since I turned 16 this [...] Read More

Climbing in Briancon

I recently came home from 2-weeks of climbing in the Briancon area and the climbing was over expectations! The [...] Read More

Comps 2013

I know, I haven't written any blog in a while. Honestly, nothing special has happened... Except from when I won the Nordic Championship in lead... That was a while ago so I guess it's to late to [...] Read More

Bouldering north of the polar circuit

This outdoor climbing season, I've been outdoor bouldering more than usual. Or rather, this was my first summer with real outdoor bouldering! Anyway, me and my family have been travelling [...] Read More

Practising on my lead ability

This summer I’ve put a lot of focus on practising my leading abilities. I was able to lead when I felt safe on the moves, but you can’t really lead on your limit if you can’t take a fall, and I [...] Read More

Showing 1 to 8 of 7 posts