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Finally October was here and so was our flight to Spain. It all started a bit strange. We arrived to Valencia airport and it was sooo hooot. Yes, we took a cheap Ryanair flight and I had almost [...] Read More

On the rocks again

Since the competition in Slovenia I haven't spent a day in a gym. I was pretty fed up with indoor training. It bothered me that I forgot to listen to my body and I trained with the whole team [...] Read More

World Cup Log - Slovenia

In the beginning of this year I decided to compete on the World Cup in Log, like last year. It’s been a year since my last World Cup competition and I thought it could be fun and also good for me [...] Read More

Fontainebleau with the Slovenia Climbing Team

I joined Slovenia Climbing Team on the trip to Fontainebleau. It was part of the training for the competition season 2012. 10 days in the forest gave us way more than we could get from training [...] Read More

Showing 9 to 16 of 12 posts