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It's still a long way. But I am on my way BACK :) Oktober 2102 Read More

breaking bad?!

The season at sustenpass started well this year. After coming home from South Africa I quickly got in really good shape and was making good progress on my "highlander-project". In between I [...] Read More

the dark and the bright side of rocklands

for over six years every summer something went "wrong" - but this summer i finally made it down to south africa to visit the "new" boulder-paradise: "rocklands". at first it seemed all the [...] Read More

FA of "Der mit dem Fels tanzt, 8C"

The summer was knocking on the door and i knew i had not many days left down there in chironico. Finally after 7weeks of falling on the very last move i managed to figure out the very last [...] Read More

"No Mystery"

"No Mystery" (low) in Chironico (FA afte the broken crux-crimp) "No Mystery" located in Chironico (Swizzy) is a nice littel overhanging shild first climbed by Dave Graham back in time. It has [...] Read More

Showing 9 to 16 of 14 posts