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Summer chaos

Summer chaos started with getting back into full time work regime after one year long maternity leave.  Well, this was really a hard landing back into reality, especially coz I am not crazy about [...] Read More

One year after

Last weeks I have been enjoying ideal climbing combination  - good form and nice weather. Since the last blog I have continued  with slow and steady progression. In rainy periods I did lots of [...] Read More

Think more, climb more

Getting back into shape after giving birth is not a simple task but so far I am very pleased how it goes. I am enjoying the whole process and my climbing definitely improved since the last blog. [...] Read More

Back to the roots with Franko

Hi everybody! It ‘s been a four months since I gave birth to a small boy named Franko. Pregnancy was a real adventure but nothing compared to excitements of  these days. Sure all parents know [...] Read More

The Change

Hi folks! I have small news for mankind and big news for me and my family – I am pregnant! Well, it aint since yesterday, just going through 6th month now and my belly clearly shows whats going [...] Read More

Summer hell

Summer in Split is really extreme. Heat is life threatening and in July was set a new all time record with 40 nights in a row with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. You dont want me to [...] Read More

Magic quest

Hello to Moon and all friends out there!   My rehabilitation after ankle injury is well on track. It still hurts a bit from time to time but I accept it. It will probably never be 100 [...] Read More

Injured but motivated!

Winter in Split is allways best period to climb but this year things went wrong... Two months ago I went bouldering in Sućurac and few hours later ended in hospital with broken deltoid ligament [...] Read More

Showing 1 to 8 of 8 posts