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Routes Minister

  • 18.11.2012- by Simon Weill
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Every year about this time I have a little discussion in my head. It usually goes a little like this: "Maybe this year I'll get fit and do all of those routes that I have had my eye on for years and years. Shut up idiot, that sounds stupid, it's hard work, hot, sweaty and there's not enough hard moves. Besides, we're going to Europe in six weeks on a bouldering trip. Hmmm, good point dude, let's go do some hard moves close to the ground. It's more fun, I get loads done and it's a great way to stay in shape." Aside from the worrying fact that there are twin conversations going on in my head at one time, I inevitably do one or two routes and then head off to cooler climes to boulder my little heart out. However, this year there is no christmas trip planned, no escaping the heat, no euro babes and no spanish sessions. As disappointing as this may be, it does give me an opportunity to do some routes. And I gotta admit, I'm pretty damned psyched for it. I really enjoy climbing routes, it's Read More...


  • 15.10.2012- by Simon Weill
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The best thing about being a school teacher is the proximity of your next break. Never more than 11 weeks before a (minimum) two week holiday is a pretty sweet gig, even if you have to deal with everyone's precious/precocious adolescents in the interim. Today is day one back at work and already holidays have receded to a misty past, something that appears in my head as a cheap flashback scene reminiscent of an old episode of Kung Fu. Luckily, however, the holidays were an absolute blast shared with good friends, great weather and some sweet new blocs. The Grampians is an area that just keeps on giving. You can still find world class blocs within a 20minute walk from a tourist carpark that have never been touched by human hands before. Most require little cleaning and the variety is astronomical. Over the past 3-4 weeks myself and some of my friends have managed to put up around 30-40 new problems, mostly in the 7b+ - 8a range, with a few moderates and a couple of bullet hard projects Read More...

The Taken

  • 17.09.2012- by Simon Weill
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It's always good when you attain something that you have lusted after, something that has made you sweat a little, something that has had you lying awake obsessing over. For me, that was my new problem, The Taken. I don't usually spend a lot of time on a particular problem, once I can do the moves, it's usually only a matter of one or maybe two sessions before for the business is done. That's my MO and that's the way I likes it. But, this sucker was different. I did the power crux in a session, a weird lock off move on the right hand up to a 'no hold' with the left. Move your feet over and dead point sideways to a jug. Take the tension and then begin the scary bit. Unfortunately, it didn't go according to plan. The sequence I had for the top came unstuck pretty quick. Cranking hard on a pebble, I skidded off, only to leave the entire pad of my middle finger resting on the hold. Two weeks and a bunch of fretting later and I was back to it. I knew that I couldn't face trying to do the mRead More...

Silver Linings

  • 29.08.2012- by Simon Weill
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Well, it can't always be sending projects in perfect conditions I guess. But this is starting to get a bit silly. It has been the wettest winter in living memory in the Grampians and for those who are mostly restricted to the weekends, like myself, it has been more frustrating than I could have imagined. I feel like I'm back living in Sheffield, rather than Australia... I have managed to get a few things done and keep things ticking over, but since returning from Squamish, it has been 6 soaking weeks and the only days of good weather didn't really go according to plan. I have recently returned to an area discovered a few years ago to seek some new lines and with new eyes have discovered some primo problems. I have spent a fair bit of time on a rope cleaning and practicing sequences. I managed the FA's of a couple of great problems, including an awesome highball that I brushed up a couple of years ago. This went at about 7c with a heart stopping top out above just one spotter during Read More...

Reality Bites

  • 30.07.2012- by Simon Weill
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As it is with all great things, my Canadian adventure has ended. And, I'm back at work. Guess how excited I am about that. Correct answer: not very... So, here is what I liked about Canada: The people; really genuine, kind and considerate with a sense of humor not unlike Australians, especially catching up with friends, both old and new, The food; easily the best sushi I have ever had, no challenge, and cheap, The beer; Amazing micro-breweries, especially my all time favorite La fin du monde, still the best, Lake Culture; Finishing a day's climbing and then heading to a pristine lake, surrounded by trees and mountains, for a dip is a sweet way to wind down for dinner, The Climbing; Endless boulders in an epic setting, short walk ins, great shapes, longs days of crushing, The Squamish Adventure Center; my own personal hangout, great coffee, cool staff and a pretty rad view of the Chief, plus free wi-fi. And, of course, here is a thorough list of what I didn't like about Canada. Well apRead More...


  • 05.07.2012- by Simon Weill
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Well, after a couple of 10 hour flights and a layover in the smog capital of the world, Shanghai, I arrived in Vancouver. Gordo, aka the Gord, totally hooked me up, collected me from the airport, sorted me out with a van for my stay and delivered me straight to the blocs, well almost, we had to stop for coffee. Feeling a little west, due to the substantial time difference I decided to start off with an easy day and just get my eye in. This lasted for about ten minutes before I was dragged up to check out Mantra 7b+. After doing this in a few goes, the team assembled and we worked our way through the boulders, a throng of tiny specs against the imposing and impassive Chief, as it loomed over us. What an amazing day. I did about 20 problems and one of every grade between 5 - 7c+. A pretty decent start to the trip, though I did wake up feeling a little worked. I slept like a hero after the days exertions, a straight ten hour shift, uninterrupted. Bam!! A quick coffee and it was out to Read More...


  • 07.06.2012- by Simon Weill
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Living the life of a climber is not always endless days out with friends in perfect weather, doing your projects one after the other and discovering new areas with each outing. Unfortunately, well for me anyway, in order to improve and take the next step, I need to train, regularly. Now, I don’t dislike training, in fact, I’m in to it, but I still prefer climbing on rock and sending new problems, routes, projects.  

  But, with Canada only a few weeks away, and my power not what I would like it to be, I have sacrificed getting out as regularly and implemented a stringent training program. For me this involves fingerboarding, the board of pain and a bit of caRead More...

Back to the Blocs

  • 18.05.2012- by Simon Weill
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Well holidays have come and gone and it's back to the grindstone, but what a fabulous break it was. Scootsy, my best mate from Sydney, came to visit for a week and the old partnership was back to its best in no time. Random calculations, epic table tennis matches and a spot of drinking seemed to be the norm for the trip. Oh, and I almost forgot, a little bouldering in the Grampians thrown in for good measure.  

  Photo: The Princelings, 7c   We visited a few new areas, including Bundaleer and a place called Wallaby Rocks. Both good in their own way, but neither enough to sustain a proper assault, that is, returning week afRead More...

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