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The best thing about being a school teacher is the proximity of your next break. Never more than 11 weeks before a (minimum) two week holiday is a pretty sweet gig, even if you have to deal with [...] Read More

The Taken

It's always good when you attain something that you have lusted after, something that has made you sweat a little, something that has had you lying awake obsessing over. For me, that was my new [...] Read More

Silver Linings

Well, it can't always be sending projects in perfect conditions I guess. But this is starting to get a bit silly. It has been the wettest winter in living memory in the Grampians and for those [...] Read More

Reality Bites

As it is with all great things, my Canadian adventure has ended. And, I'm back at work. Guess how excited I am about that. Correct answer: not very... So, here is what I liked about Canada: The [...] Read More


Well, after a couple of 10 hour flights and a layover in the smog capital of the world, Shanghai, I arrived in Vancouver. Gordo, aka the Gord, totally hooked me up, collected me from the airport, [...] Read More


Living the life of a climber is not always endless days out with friends in perfect weather, doing your projects one after the other and discovering new areas with each outing. Unfortunately, [...] Read More

Back to the Blocs

Well holidays have come and gone and it's back to the grindstone, but what a fabulous break it was. Scootsy, my best mate from Sydney, came to visit for a week and the old partnership was back to [...] Read More

Back in the harness

Dealing with the blues upon my return to Australia after my European sojourn was not easily done. Sub zero temps and crushing new blocs was awesome. Coming back to 35degrees and work was sub [...] Read More

Showing 9 to 16 of 16 posts