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Winter Part 1

The winter didn’t start in the best of the ways this year. Maybe because of personal engagements, that kept me in my home area... Maybe because of the terrible weather conditions we have had [...] Read More


Imagine you´re scrambling through the undergrowth for a while than you turn around a big boulder which seems to be like any other one (and there are thousands) and there it is! What looks like [...] Read More

Crash pads,Chalk and Boulders!

Just after Christmas Holiday, I focused my "climbing time" on bouldering because the temperatures were too cold for sport climbing. I decided to visit some good bouldering spots with my brother [...] Read More

New year in Font

With new year I was one week in Font, with some delay my thoughts about that week. It was good to finally touch some rock again, that was almost 6 months ago. With new year the weather can be [...] Read More

New 8B+ in Utah

After nearly three years of work battling through shit conditions and a lot of failure, I finally managed to get on top of a beautiful piece of rock that has consumed me and kept me up late for [...] Read More

Rocklands 2012 I - Cockaigne

Rocklands 2012 I - Cockaigne A few liters of water went down the Pegnitz (a small river in the Frankenjura) since I came back from my trip to the Rocklands during August 2012. [...] Read More

Showing 17 to 24 of 46 posts