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Lead Climbing

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Red River Gorges

  • 10.03.2013- by Ben Moon
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Last autumn with a big team of friend and some of the best french climbers (Mickael Fuselier, Nina Caprez, Cedric Lachat, Florence Pinet, Gerome Pouvreau…) we all heeded out went to Red River Gorge the famous sandstone cliff in Kentucky before going to Argentina and participate in the Petzl Roc Trip. As you can all imagine we had a blast. The place is amazing and really lives up to its reputation! The rock quality is just amazing and very fun to climb on. What I appreciated was the fact that there are so many different styles of climbing. Long rout very steep or vertical line with crimp. The first days are little difficult and you need to be very humble to get use to this very physical and different style of climbing compared to what I'm used to from the area around Briançon with its particular style !!! But when you adapt it’s fantastic to climb on all the sectors. Its magic to be in the « mystic » woods. RRG is a good spot for every one as there are many routes iRead More...

Everlasting joy of climbing

  • 21.02.2013- by Ivan Lisica
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On 27th of January I did 4th ascent of superclassic  Il Marattoneta (8b+) in Paklenica, Croatia. It is famous, historic line and one of those which name speaks thousand words. I saw it first time in 1997., 10 years after Maurizio Zanolla Manolo did his epic first ascent and in period when route still didnt have any repeats. It looked unreal good, just like today and I was impressed by Manolo’s vision of the line. Altough I was 15 year old boy and didnt know much about climbing, I was sure this is kind of routes I want to climb and search for. In the following years I gave all energy to develop my climbing skills while Marattoneta saw first repeats by Slowenian aces Perko and Lukič. I took my chance to try it few times but couldn't offer much more than checking the moves. Last year we met again and I felt I was ready to climb it but summer temperatures and humidity shut me down. This is why I decide to come back in clear and cold winter days, my favorite part of the year. The daRead More...

Hello everyone! This is my first project climbing 2013

  • 19.02.2013- by Matteo Gambaro
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Finale Ligure is a beautiful place to climb, but the line is often very painful for the fingers and slightly overhanging. Here at last is a good news that is still waiting to be climbed! A huge boulder fell eighty years ago from a quarry has remained incredibly poised offering a possible crossing boulder style, but his fifteen meters of development and the growing complexity require a great strength! The line is called "U Beccu" in the local dialect means "beak", given the curious shape of the rock .. We hope to resolve it soon!  


Sport-Climbing In Siruana

  • 14.02.2013- by Ben Moon
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I am with friends in Siruana at the moment for a short sport-climbing holiday. It’s probably the first sport-climbing trip in about 15 years and I have to say it’s been a huge amount of fun. Most of the friends I am with are of a similar age to myself and we all lead very different lifestyles to those we lived 15 or 20 years ago. The past few days have brought back many fond memories of past trips when younger and confirms why we all love climbing so much even whilst failing at it! I’ve heard so much about Siruana over the years but have never had the pleasure of climbing here but it hasn’t disappointed. Quite a few people told me the style was old school and I would have to agree but for me this is definitely a positive. Most of the climbs vary from just off vertical to slightly overhanging and the style generally is fingery and quite technical. Yesterday we bumped in to the legendary Tony Arbones who put up many of the classic Siruana hard routes of the 80s and 90s and is Read More...

The shizzle amongst the cold and the uncertain faith in climbing

December climbing is kind of a love-hate-thing to me. At home it is freezing cold or the projekt is covered with snow, or it will be covered the next day. As the afternoonclimber that I am, the daylight allowes a maximum of four climbinghours and telling people about my minus-ten-degrees-afternoon-doing leaves usually a feeling of pitifulness and incomprehension. So in order to get a proper smalltalk about my afternoondoings running, I need to change something. I could pretend: I had some lonesome fourhourswalks in the snowcovered forest around my hometown, ...'you know, just to get closer to my chi or something' Option number two was to act accordingly to the conditions and drive somewhere else to get some nice climbing done. Somewhere people will understand. Somewhere the finger stick to the rock and the evershining sun fill the hearts with warmth and the muscles with agility. (ok, ok, now it starts getting really cheese) Before I sticked to option two, I had a beautyful climbingRead More...

Simon Weill tied in to a rope! And dispatch an 8b+

  • 19.01.2013- by Simon Weill
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For the first time in many years I have been at home for a summer. Usually I would prefer to be hanging out in cooler climes, such as Switzerland, Spain or England at this time of year. Mostly to climb on primo rock with my Northern Hemisphere peeps, but also to avoid the hideous heat that Australia is capable of producing at this time of year. For an example of this, I need only cast my mind back to yesterday when it was 40degrees. For anyone who hasn't experienced that kind of heat, it is brutal. Stinging sweat, plagues of flies and burn-in-five minutes sun rays. Not much to be achieved when it comes. I rode up Mt William at 8am, a solid 10km hill climb, was home by 10.30 and then got in situ on the couch for the day. A waste of holidays really, but it's not all bad, there are a heap of days when the temperatures are not as high and some of the evenings are actually pretty good. Now I need to clarify this a little. When I say that it's good, I mean for route climbing. As you may knoRead More...

The Year That Passed - 2012

  • 07.01.2013- by Ben Moon
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So the year passed by, just like that - or so it feels, now, afterwards, when I can do nothing about anything that happened but leaf through the memories and events in my mind.


To make what could have been a very long story very short I have chosen a few events just to summon up an outline of 2012 from my perspective. I have purposely chosen not to write (whine) about injuries, school and other depressing stuff even though I must admit that these has been kind of my own constant moan at times. One thing I will confirm, however, is that right now I have a stress fracture on my right shin-bone due to overtraining. Some scans revealed it a few weeks ago. And to make this a non-whining statement (like I just promised to save everyone from), I want to say that this will be over soon enough and that I can now fully climb agin. So no excuses.

Here are an outline of some of the main events with matching pictures from my 2012! Enjoy.


And you can use a rope when you climb...

  • 22.11.2012- by Ben Moon
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After nearly five years of no rope climbing (with a few exceptions) i've started again right before my Rocklands trip. Why now? Especially a few weeks before a bouldering trip? The answer is quite simple! I've got no idea what else to do and the amount of new hard routes is huge! After two days of struggeling with everything like pumped forarms and the fear of being half a meter above the bolts things worked better and better. I felt that my endurance came back and decided to try "Father And Son“, a 8c Route at the Trockauer Wand. The climb is something like 35 moves long, steep and for this area quite pumpy. Unfortunatelly the rock quality is not that good and it tends to soak most of the time. The route could be seperated in three parts. The +irst one is a 7c+ section with big moves on pinches and good holds which leads to a good rest. This is where you prepare for the hardest moves maybe a font 7c+. It's a traverse on tiny crimps with a reachy finish to the next rest. The rest Read More...

Showing 25 to 32 of 58 posts