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Katja Vidmar Petting with an Alligator 8A+

My first really long-term project is done. It's been quite journey.

I first tried it in the spring of 2010 and I kind of believed that I could do this thing one day. But it wasn't [...] Read More

Nacho Sanchez - Targassonne

Last week I had some days off so I had a long weekend and went to this French area with some friends. It is very close to the Spanish border, so the trip is not too long from Madrid. The [...] Read More

Niccol? Ceria - Rampage 8A and Vecchio Leone 8B

For three years I have been motivated to go to check Rampage 8A, situated in Varazze. Finally the day has come last week on Wednesday 8 December. Me, Marco and my dad decided to go there, [...] Read More

Peter Beal's New Bouldering Book

The Front Range of Colorado has been in a deep freeze state for almost two weeks, meaning there's been next to no climbing outside recently. That makes this a good time to announce the release [...] Read More

Juri Chiaramonte ? L'avenir Nous Reserve Rien de Bon

April 2011. I reach the crimp, hold it well. A short thought: I got it... Christian behind me is supporting me... suddenly the foot slips, I find myself back on the pad. Dammit, so [...] Read More

Mike Adams Porth Ysgo

Not content with blazing a trail of first ascents in North Yorkshire, Mike has also been making some significant ascents in North Wales.

“Whilst on Fatneck Si's Stag Do [...] Read More

Phillip Schaal - Midnight Express

Time has past since my last blog, (blaa [...] Read More

Showing 9 to 16 of 488 posts