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Ed Hamer - Slovenia

I have just spent the last 10 days in Slovenia with my good friend Luke Tilley. We both arrived on the 17th into Ljubljana and competed in the Senior World Cup at Kranj that weekend! It was my [...] Read More

Nacho Sanchez Autumn in Madrid

I have been training hard in order to be strong at Christmas, when I will try a couple of projects, but I climb outside when I have some spare time, frequently after university with head [...] Read More

Juri Chiaramonte - Sweet Zillertal November

November meant it well with the climbers. A stable high-pressure weather gave us dry boulders and thereby joy. After a long absence from rock, with the exception of a trip to paradise [...] Read More

Katja Vidmar - gets Intensive

The past Sunday (27th November) I made a second ascent of Intensive 8A in Črnotiče, (FA Boštjan Weingerl). I didn't really expect it to happen. It all started in Maltatal, [...] Read More

Niccol Ceria - Crushing in Brione

My last blogspot was about the summer bouldering and now I’m writing here to say something about my last period of climbing. Finally, the autumn has come! The trees are multicolor and [...] Read More

Sandra Lisica Love This Game

The last month or two we had great weather conditions in Split and climbing life was really intense. Before “changing clock thing” I was climbing a lot in small area called [...] Read More

Fabian Christof - First Vacations

Wow, the first six weeks of work felt like one day, and before I could realize it my first vacations as a teacher are there.

Just one single plan: Let´s go to Tecino! Like every [...] Read More

Andrea Zanone Bouldering, Routes and Comps Update

During the last few months I did the last projects I had in mind! Before the cold season started, in fact I decided to do a short trip to the sea to spend the last days of holiday with friends [...] Read More

Showing 17 to 24 of 488 posts