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The Year That Passed - 2012

So the year passed by, just like that - or so it feels, now, afterwards, when I can do nothing about anything that happened but leaf through the memories and events in my mind.   To [...] Read More

The Change

Hi folks! I have small news for mankind and big news for me and my family – I am pregnant! Well, it aint since yesterday, just going through 6th month now and my belly clearly shows whats going [...] Read More

4 weeks of my climbing life and Gorge du Tarn

In order of date this is what I have been up to since I did Donnafugata on Torre Trieste. After Donnafugata I was waisted for about 3 or 4 weeks, with no real energy to do any thing real hard [...] Read More

The secrets of Cetina

Omiš is one of my favorite climbing areas through the warmer part of the year. This small town is situated in a place where river Cetina enters the Adriatic sea and is completly surrounded by [...] Read More

Kalymnos: style and grading

Its been some times since I last posted any thing on the blog. Not that there is a lack of topics worthy a comment. And I'm not just thinking of the pathetic Everest season in full swing... [...] Read More

Moon Board Update

The Moon Board concept allows climbers who own or have access to a Moon Board to train on the same problems as other climbers from around the world. This concept was designed and developed by [...] Read More

In the news and coming events

Text by David Falt Some significant events have taken place lately. The american wonder girl Sasha Digulian sent her second 9a by repeating Chris Sharma's Era Vella, 9a in [...] Read More

Looking at the Big Picture

In resent weeks Cerro Torre, a spectacular rock spire in Patagonia has once aging stirred up emotions. This “new” conflict can best be described as a storm in a fish bowl. If we look at the [...] Read More

Showing 1 to 8 of 8 posts