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Lords of the boards

  • 19.03.2015- by Ivan Lisica
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I recently watched a few buddies having good time on the Moon Board and it was great to see them getting so hooked by this small piece of wood, despite everything else our gym has to offer. It reminded me of period almost two decades ago when the system boards were smaller than the standard Moon Board. At the time it was our only indoor training tool. There were a bunch of them at different locations in Split and we trained on them like crazy. Most of the time I spent at Joke Purko's place whose board was super fingery and with the best collection of home made wooden holds. I remember a hard 30-40 move problem we climbed standing on the same footholds because the board was so small that we could reach nearly all the holds without moving our feet. At the Zlodre board we were wild and loud. This board was definitely more sophisticated. It had the option to change the angle of the overhang and it was the first board in Split with a few modern Lapis holds bought in Slovenia. &Read More...

Climbing Gear Stolen from Moon Climbing

  • 26.03.2013- by Ben Moon
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As you now all probably know we got burgled on Saturday. The thieves took about 3500 units of men and women’s clothing, packs and bags. All of this stock was stolen from an overflow warehouse we have been using during this busy period. It seems like it was well planned and the robbers knew what they wanted. Yesterday I visited several local businesses and using their CCTV footage have pieced together what happened. There were 3 robbers driving a white high top Ford Transit van. They broke in to the warehouse on foot at 14.00 with the van following shortly after. They took about 30mins to load the van and left just before 15.00. They came back again on foot at 18.30 but were disturbed by one of my neighbors and made their escape. Using the CCTV footage we have managed to map the route they took after the robbery but as yet have not been able to identify either the robbers or the vehicle registration but I am hopeful we can. So far the police don’t seem to be that interested in soRead More...

Moon Board T-Shirt Graphic Competition

  • 15.10.2012- by Ben Moon
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Moon Board T-shirt Competition Okay now’s your chance to get both creative and on the front of a new Moon Board t-shirt! We are currently working on some new t-shirt graphics and one of the ideas we are playing with is a montage of climbers Moon Boards. There are already some nice photos of your Moon Boards on the Moon Climbing website but we would like to see if you can do even better. The winning entries will get a free t-shirt and the glory that goes with being on the front of a Moon Climbing t-shirt. If you would like to give this a go you can use any of the following methods to send us your photos.

  • Upload to the Moon Climbing Facebook page.
  • Upload to the Moon Board website.
  • Email your files via the Moon Climbing website.
We don't have any special requests we just want good photos. They could be black and white or colour and could be with or without a climber, use your imagination but nothing that's going to ofRead More...

Michiel Nieuwenhuijsen - Crush in Cres

  • 16.01.2012- by Ben Moon
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All Photos: Gerrit Snoek Christmas is the perfect moment to escape the Netherlands and search for a nice boulder area, good bouldering conditions and a lack of family dinner...We rented a house in Claro, which is only 10 minutes away from Cresciano, for a week. I only had been in Cresciano for a few hours before so there where more than enough problems to try for me, the only problem was that I wanted to do them all. On the one hand I wanted to project the Dagger (8b+) and la Proue (8b) but on the other hand I wanted to send a lot of boulders in the 7c/8a range. For me those two things are hard to combine, I did try la Proue and the Dagger briefly but I soon concluded that I needed (at least) a few days to a week to climb one of them. In an area, which has so many problems that I hadn't done yet I simply didn't want to devote the whole week to a single problem (with the risk of failure in the back of my mind). So I focused this week on sending multiple good problems that I Read More...

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