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A way to get back in shape

Since mid june when school stopped and I had to study for the upcoming exams, I have had one primary goal besides the preparation; to get back in shape. I wanted to get back into a rhythm of [...] Read More


Two Thursdays ago we (me, Jesse, and Adrienne) traveled 4 hours to this place (you may have heard of it) called Rumney. I’m not sure if it’s considered the best sport-climbing crag on the East [...] Read More

Training hard!

I will follow up with words...   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTWPbSgKaWI Read More

Livin' like a PRO!

Last two years I was working as a teacher for children with special needs. I had some temporary contract but it ended kind of suddenly at the beginning of the May. Since I had information that [...] Read More

Ben Moon's Climbing Diary

Last week we started reprinting on the Moon Blog my old climbing diaries which date back to 1990. These received a very positive response with many people asking for more so here you [...] Read More

Ben Moon's Climbing Diary

Moon Blog I was rooting around in my attic the other day and came across all my old climbing diaries that I started keeping towards the end of 1989. This gave me the idea that [...] Read More

Magic quest

Hello to Moon and all friends out there!   My rehabilitation after ankle injury is well on track. It still hurts a bit from time to time but I accept it. It will probably never be 100 [...] Read More

Moon Board Update

The Moon Board concept allows climbers who own or have access to a Moon Board to train on the same problems as other climbers from around the world. This concept was designed and developed by [...] Read More

Showing 25 to 32 of 35 posts