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Emanuel Moosburger

Name: Emanuel Moosburger – Local Hero: Austria
Moon Climbing / January 2013

Moon Climbing – When and where did you start climbing?
Emanuel – I started when I was three years old. We were on vacation in France with my parents and my sister. My parents are climbers and had always taken us to the cliffs with them and this time we set hands on the rock by ourselves.

Moon Climbing – Do you have a favourite style of climbing (traditional, sport, bouldering etc)?
Emanuel - My favourite style is bouldering. It feels natural to me. I love sport climbing too, it’s just so hard to get endurance and reach a point were it becomes as fun as bouldering… But I definitely want to catch up with my sport climbing one day!

Moon Climbing – You are stuck on a desert island with just one route and one boulder. Which ones would you choose and why?
Emanuel - Maybe Dreamcatcher and Bügeleisen… They look amazing and would keep me busy for sure!

Moon Climbing – Who is your climbing hero or inspiration and why?
Emanuel - My parents, because they brought me to climbing and they still climb. Chris Sharma because he climbs so natural and focused. Basically everybody who obviously loves to climb, enjoys it and really puts EVERYTHING in a try. May it be a 7a or an 8c, it’s the same.

Moon Climbing – How often do you climb?
Emanuel - About 4 times a week I’d say…

Moon Climbing – Where and how often do you train and for how many hours per week?
Emanuel - If I train (meaning I am not on the rock) then I do it in the Tivoli gym in Innsbruck. I do about three hours a session, sometimes more, sometimes less. Other than that I swim a bit in summer, biking and running too, hiking peaks with my snowboard in the winter keeps me fit.

Moon Climbing – What kind of training do you do?
Emanuel - Mainly I just do boulder problems. Sometimes easier ones but more and with little resting between them, sometimes harder ones and longer rests to get maximum power. Different styles of holds and angles. I do deadhangs too sometimes.

Moon Climbing – Your top training tip or tips?
Emanuel - Stay motivated and focused and listen to your body… Don’t train too much, you’ll get weaker than if you wouldn’t train at all! So have your rest days even though they suck.

Moon Climbing – The climbing achievement you are most proud of and why?
Emanuel - In the summer of 2010 I bolted a four pitch route on limestone slabs in western Austria with my dad. It was the first time that I bolted a route on lead and it was in alpine terrain! Limestone slab meant it was super compact rock so no placements to hang off when bolting. I remember having lots of fear and cramping feet from staying in the same positions for so long when placing a bolt on shitty limestone smears for your feet… I was so wasted when it was done, mentally and physically. But man, I was proud!

Moon Climbing – What is your opinion on competitions? Good, bad or indifferent?
Emanuel - I like the challenge they offer you, taking part in a comp circuit is exciting. I think they can be real fun, no matter if you win or lose. If you like them, if you can deal with them they are good, if not then you shouldn’t do any.

Moon Climbing – Your goals for 2013?
Emanuel - In general climb as much as possible and have fun with it and find a good climb – work balance… Travel a bunch and meet new people and places, that is always a goal of mine… Push my sport and alpine climbing limits further. And stay at good health because that’s the root of all happiness in life.