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Guntram Jörg (Gu)

Name: Guntram Jörg (Gu) – MOON Ambassador
DOB: 1988
Interview: Moon Climbing / 2015


Ben MOON sent the worlds first ever 9a and you are now part of the MOON team, how will you contribute to the legacy of the MOON brand?

- What Ben did is outstanding. I can´t guarantee sending the worlds first 9c route but we will see ;)

Aspirations and ambitions are key drivers for all top climbers. But how do you deal with defeat?

- Learning to deal with defeat is a long process. Key drivers are in all parts of our live and we all have to learn to handle them by our own. For me climbing was an indicator, to learn, how to deal with defeat and helped me to develop a strong personality. In this sense climbing accelerates the personal mature process.

“Train Hard – Climb Harder” is a MOON motto. Share one of your secrets with us.

- “Rest a lot – Climb the most” that would be my motto.

What will you change in your training regime for 2015 to improve your climbing standard?

- I want to improve my body tension. So I will have to do some extra power sessions.

We all say we climb for fun but be brutally honest what is really driving you?

- First of all my real drive is finding something new and creating something which remains. That can be put in all parts of life. Second thing is that i really love linking hard moves together and having the feeling of endless power.

If you have to put a number to your ambitions for 2015 what would that be and are you raising the bar enough to be uncomfortable?


What is important? To achieve a new grade this year or send a long standing project?

- My main goal is realising my business project.

Progressing in climbing is impossible with out some sacrifice’s, what is going to have to take a back seat in 2015 in order for you to make that goal happen?

- If you want to climb at your limit climbing is your number one in life.

What will you do in 2015 to help inspire those who follow MOON?

- I’m always following my own way, no matter what other people are telling. Everybody should feel that drive really deep inside. I want to show that following that track is the thing to do.

We all follow climbing gossip and news. What inspired you in 2014 and what pissed you off in 2014?

- It’s all too much about news … Climbing is special, we should keep it like that.

Tell us what you think will be your most ambitious and inspiring projects for 2015.

- I will not give away too much….

Tell us what is the most hyped route or boulder you ever climbed that was actually just hyped and not at all that good or as hard as perceived?

- I don´t care about hype. The hype is wherever your climbing!!!!

Suggest a few routes or problems you think any climber with some self-respect should have on their bucket list.

- There are so many good climbs in so many different difficulties. Let everybody find his own five star lines!


- For me moon equipment is really puristic. They have their own simple style which gives you an uncomplicated feeling. You will love it.