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Guntram Jörg (Gu)

Name: Guntram Jörg (Gu) – MOON Ambassador
DOB: 1988
Interview: Moon Climbing / 2015


Moon Climbing – When and where did you start climbing?
Gu - I started bouldering 6 years ago here in Austria because I went downhill biking a lot and I really wanted big muscles. May climbing was a wrong choice! But instead of big muscles I got something different which let me climb all the time, it´s this special lifestyle where it´s not about money and accomplishment it´s about living your life in the nature surrounded with friends and working together with them to climb the most beautiful lines in the world.

Moon Climbing – Do you have a favorite style of climbing (traditional, sport, bouldering etc)?
Gu - My style is short and hard bouldering.

Moon Climbing – What would be your top route recommendations in Austria?
Gu - Hard to say, I think it would be a project near my home. It´s called Assembly line of dreams and it´s a very steep short wall.

Moon Climbing – And abroad?
Gu – When I´m abroud I just go bouldering.

Moon Climbing – What would be your top boulder problem recommendations in Austria?
Gu – It would be Golden Gate 8b/+ in Silvretta Mountains because it contains only 2 moves which are very hard.

Moon Climbing – And abroad?
Gu – The bizarre Ride 8a+ in Magic Wood (f.Ascent), The Hourglass 8b Bjornblocket in Sweden (Sec.Ascent), Trieste-Gottardo 8a Gotthard, Special Edition 8a Brione and El camino del exceso 8a Albarracin

Moon Climbing – How often do you climb?
Gu – Since I´m finished with school I spend my whole time climbing. Usually I go 4 ore 5 times climbing outside otherwise I search for new problems or spend my time with writing.

Moon Climbing – How often do you train and for how many hours per session?
Gu – I barely train especially because most of my climbing days I spend on the rocks. Usually I start climbing very early and climb until it´s dark.

Moon Climbing – Where do you train?
Gu – For me training is climbing after a plan… But I can´t have a plan ore time for special training because if the conditions are good I need power and good skin to climb new boulders outside. The point is that I always can get good conditions here in Austria because when it´s bad here I always find dry places in Swiss. So I just try to climb all the nice looking lines everywhere outside.

Moon Climbing – What kind of training do you do?
Gu – Hmmm, Sometimes I climb competitions maybe I can see this as kind of training!

Moon Climbing – Your top training tip or tips?
Gu – Bouldering, bouldering and bouldering

Moon Climbing – Your best achievement?
Gu – I think it´s finishing a higher technical school for civil engineering although I went climbing 4 times a week and skipped about 2 ore 3 schooldays a week.

Moon Climbing – Your goals?
Gu – My goal is just to go climbing and travelling for the next years. I don´t know what the future brings and so I will try hard to get stronger and stronger that I can climb everything I like to climb in a short period of time because the faster you climb things the more things you can climb and the time you climb is limited like the sand in a sandglass. Check out www.baboonmaster.com and keep rocking!