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Kajsa Rosén

Name: Kajsa Rosén – MOON Ambassador
Moon Climbing / January 2013

Moon Climbing – When and where did you start climbing?

Kajsa – My parents climb, so I’ve been hanging by a cliff since I was little, then I was wining and wanted to go home. I started climb more regular when I was 7 years old, but most of my time I played with climbing friends.

Moon Climbing – Do you have a favorite style of climbing (traditional, sport, bouldering etc)?

Kajsa-Lately, I’ve been bouldering a lot. But most of all I like to climb outdoors and do sports climbing.

Moon Climbing – You are stuck on a desert island with just one route and one boulder. Which ones would you choose and why?

Kajsa- Something hard to fight with during a longer time… But right now I would say Sator at Örnberget as a route and Sport at Koblocket. I think the routs are at my limit and that would keep me occupied on the island.

Moon Climbing – Who is your climbing hero or inspiration and why?

Kajsa-I don’t have any special climbing hero, I get inspired of all good climbers I see.

Moon Climbing -How often do you climb?

Kajsa-I usually climb 4 times a week when it’s indoor season, but when it’s summer and I climb outdoor it can be more.

Moon Climbing – Where and how often do you train and for how many hours per week?

Kajsa-I’m training a little every day. The days when I’m not climbing I’m training at home. Usually I’m training about 16 hours per week. This autumn I have applied for a climbing high school.

Moon Climbing – What kind of training do you do?

Kajsa-I get a training schedule from my trainer, usually with different types of bouldering practices.
Lately I have also been working on my flexibility.

Moon Climbing –Your top training tip or tips?

Kajsa-I think core is important and it’s something I do a lot. And it’s no idea to train without thinking it’s fun or without motivation.

Moon Climbing – The climbing achievement you are most proud of and why?

Kajsa-I’m happy every time I manage to do something I’ve been fighting with for a long time or something that’s looks really hard. But I got extra proud when I participated in my first competition, and won. Before the competition I didn’t think I would have a chance.

Moon Climbing -What is your opinion on competitions? Good, bad or indifferent?

Kajsa-In my opinion, competitions are not bad or good. If you like to compete, you do that. And if you don’t, you don’t. I’ve competed a few times and I think it can be fun but I’m always getting very nervous. I think you need to do some competitions to learn to cope with the stress. What I like with competitions is that I get motivated to train and climb more.

Moon Climbing – Your goals for 2013?

Kajsa-I want to feel safer when leading and do it without thinking about it at all. I also want to give Sator at Örnberget a try. This season I will participate in a couple of European competitions, that will be fun and challenging.