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Katja Vidmar

Name: Katja Vidmar – MOON Ambassador
Moon Climbing / January 2013

Moon Climbing – When and where did you start climbing?
Katja –
I started climbing in 1997 in my home town together with my sister. We were training like crazy in a small climbing gym.

Moon Climbing – Do you have a favourite style of climbing (traditional, sport, bouldering etc)?
Katja – Bouldering!

Moon Climbing – You are stuck on a desert island with just one route and one boulder. Which ones would you choose and why?
Katja – That’s a hard question. Maybe I would choose an amazing bloc with perfect rock nobody’s ever climbed on before and I could be the first to do it.

Moon Climbing – Who is your climbing hero or inspiration and why?
Katja – When I started climbing all the best competition climbers were my heroes because I could watch them climbing every year when there was a World Cup competition in Kranj. Now I can’t say I who is my climbing hero. But there’s many people who inspire me. From those I meet on trips or I train with, to those I watch videos from.

Moon Climbing – How often do you climb?
Katja – I climb around 4 times a week. Sometimes more sometimes less.

Moon Climbing – Where and how often do you train and for how many hours per week?
Katja – I don’t have a strict schedule. I climb more when the weather is good and when I have more time than usual. It changes all the time.

Moon Climbing – What kind of training do you do?
Katja – If I could I would just go bouldering outside every day. So when that’s not possible I train in a gym, do some fingerboard or campus board training. I also do some yoga and jogging, because I don’t like to feel stiff when climbing.

Moon Climbing – Your top training tip or tips?
Katja – Learn to listen to your body! I used to train a lot for my competitions and a lot of times I ended up injured because I was so stubborn. And now I train less but I know better what’s good for me and when to stop so I don’t hurt myself.

Moon Climbing – The climbing achievement you are most proud of and why?
Katja – Sending Petting with an Alligator 8A+ in Maltatall 2011. It was my project for some time and there were moments when I thought I’ll never do it and moments when I was so close, but still so far. It was quite a journey and I’m happy I did it at the end. I’m also proud on my competition results in 2008 (I got two second places on World Cup competitions, 5th place on European Championship and 3rd in Arco Rock Master). Getting on a World Cup podium after all the bad seasons and many injuries was making my dreams come true. Lately, I’m happy I’ve done some part in developing new area’s around home. I made some cool FA’s last year and I hope to do some more.

Moon Climbing – What is your opinion on competitions? Good, bad or indifferent?
Katja – Competition climbing is another world. I used to do a lot of competitions and I think it was good for my climbing. It made me more disciplined for training and gave me more mental strength that I had to work on if I wanted to perform well. The thing I don ‘t like about competitions is the focus on the result and the people who don’t care about anything else but winning. They forget that climbing is so much more than that!

Moon Climbing – Your goals for 2013?
Katja – First of all, I want to see some places I haven’t been before, like Rocklands, Yosemite or Joe’s Valley. Then, I want to climb some problems from my tick list. I’m a little worried that it’s getting only longer and longer. I also want to make some FA’s around here. And most importantly, I’d like to stay healthy, happy, psyched and strong.