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Sandra Bakulic

Name: Sandra Bakulic – Local Hero: Croatia
Moon Climbing / January 2013

Moon Climbing – When and where did you start climbing?
Sandra – I started climbing in 2000. here at local crag in Split called Marjan.

Moon Climbing – Do you have a favourite style of climbing (traditional, sport, bouldering etc)?
Sandra - I prefer sport routes and bouldering. Never tried trad but it seems to me something really exciting and whole another world!

Moon Climbing – You are stuck on a desert island with just one route and one boulder. Which ones would you choose and why?
Sandra - Hihihihi this is really interesting question! It is hard for me to choose concrete lines but I am sure that both would be some hard projects of mine. This is only way I wouldn’t be bored on a desert island and maybe I would also do some good progress in them ☺!

Moon Climbing – Who is your climbing hero or inspiration and why?
Sandra - My heroes and inspiration are old legends. It is the hardest work to be pioneer and push the limits for next generations!

Moon Climbing – How often do you climb?
Sandra - 2 days outside on weekends and during a week 3 days in a gym. If I catch some extra time I go for a jogging once a week.

Moon Climbing – Where and how often do you train and for how many hours per week?
Sandra - I am training at Marulianus gym and sometimes at other local place. We don’t have big climbing gyms in my town, just small boulder rooms in basements which are funny places full of climbers. I spend there around 3 hours per training session, which is total of 9 hours per week. When I am climbing outside I like to spend whole day on the rock because it is not only about climbing than also about nature and relaxing.

Moon Climbing – What kind of training do you do?
Sandra - Training methods depends of my current goals. I combine hard bouldering (best done in fun atmosphere with my friends), power endurance circuits, campus board…

Moon Climbing – Your top training tip or tips?
Sandra - Motivation and persistence are everything!

Moon Climbing – The climbing achievement you are most proud of and why?
Sandra - Talking about past seasons I am proud on many great lines that I climbed and competitions I won! These days I have less free time to train than before and it is much harder to stay in good shape. This is reason why I enjoy every climbing moment even more than before and every new climb makes me really proud and happy!

Moon Climbing – What is your opinion on competitions? Good, bad or indifferent?
Sandra - Yes, I like competitions a lot and feeling of a blood pressure when you are climbing on field crazy like a bull! Every time I go on some competition I want to give my best and to do that you have to train under strict regime and dedicate yourself completely. Honestly it is hard to have free time and motivation to do that for many seasons in row.

Moon Climbing – Your goals for 2013?
Sandra - In a few days we will have new member of our family so I am in a completely new life situation and it is tricky to make some concrete goals. I know that I miss climbing life, climbing community-friends (though I see them daily :-), training, nature, being outside on the rock and I really can’t wait to get back again to all this! It will be the biggest project to catch good rythm and combine climbing with new life obligations but I am happy about all this.