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Red River Gorges

Last autumn with a big team of friend and some of the best french climbers (Mickael Fuselier, Nina Caprez, Cedric Lachat, Florence Pinet, Gerome Pouvreau…)  we all heeded out went to Red River Gorge the famous sandstone cliff in Kentucky before going to Argentina and participate in the Petzl Roc Trip. As you can all imagine we had a blast.

The place is amazing and really lives up to its reputation! The rock quality is just amazing and very fun to climb on. What I appreciated was the fact that  there are so many different styles of climbing.  Long rout very steep or vertical line with crimp.

The first days are little difficult  and you need to be very humble to get use to this very physical and different style of climbing compared to what I’m used to from  the area around Briançon with its particular style !!! But when you adapt it’s fantastic to climb on all the sectors. Its magic to be in the « mystic » woods.

RRG is a good spot for every one as there are many routes in al different grades.

The only down side with RRG is maybe that the area around the climbing is lacking interesting things to do. But the lack of distracting or interesting around RRG is also good as  this makes sure you are super focused on your climb !!!!!






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