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Training and Goal Setting

Starting Training and Goal Setting

by Rich Simpson

If you have decided to start training and want to improve, then you have won half the battle already, as Wolfgang Gullich was once quoted, “the hardest part of training is making the decision to start at all”. However you may be half way their but the other half is a never ending battle.

As with all things in life you get out exactly what you put in, if you are happy to be of reasonable standard and already have some natural ability then 3 or 4 training or climbing sessions a week should see you alright. However if you want to be the best, or at least get the best from yourself then you must give everything you have to climbing and then some more. Climbing training methods aren’t very advanced (due to it being a fairly new sport when compared to other sports) therefore it is possible to achieve a fairly high standard by just giving everything you have to the sport. Sounds easy doesn