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The Workout

The Workout

Hello to everyone!!!

The winter is gone and the sunny days of spring  come more often, for outdoor climbing:)

This winter in Kalymnos was one of the most wet winters with a lot of  humidity in  the last 10 years, the tufas and the stalactites are wet until now.

So it was the opportunityto start indoor training to get a little bit stronger and fit. For me the indoor training is very important  because it gives me extra strength and endurance that i need  to finish my projects and my goals faster. Also it keeps my motivation high because i can see the improvement day by day and i know when i will go for my project i will be more ready and prepared for this.

This video is made from the end of my strength cycle,so i was prepared for this workouts the last months.

On this video you will see some hard exercises like:campusboard 1-5-9,deep lock off 1-8,hanging horizontial with my small fingers,one arm pull ups with my middle finger…

I hope you like it and enjoy it:)

Keep your motivation high and stay fit.

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