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Beating the Heat

  • 03.07.2012- by Isaac Caldiero
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Well…. summer has arrived here in Utah, and is in full effect. You'd think beating the heat would be possible, you know wakin up at 5 am having a quick slurp of coffee and your out the door! I wish this technique would be suffice. But, in the end, once you get to the crag you realize just how amazingly the rock can retain the heat of 105 F (45 C, for all you metric users) from the prior days of nucleic solar rays. So here is my summer time to-do list for any inspiring desert travelers. #1 BEER, Cold cold beer #2 More Beer, or whatever suits your fancy #3 Shade and high elevation. Search in any nook and cranny for the tiniest bit of relief from the intense rays of sun #4 Motivation. Don't 2nd guess your plans for the day, otherwise it's way to easy to succumb to the ol' couch and air conditioned technique #5 Tape. Chances are your skin is going to feel like of giant bowl of porridge, so bring reinforcements #6 Excess of chalk. Preferably Moon dust for any or extreme Read More...

No need for Words

  • 25.04.2012- by Isaac Caldiero
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All photos: Laura Kisana  

Burst of joy 7C


New Mechanic 7B+


All Wrapped Up: A video blog by Isaac Caldiero

  • 18.04.2012- by Isaac Caldiero
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Is life aroad trip? For MOON climber Isaac its not far from true. The past fall, winter and spring seasons has been completely jammed pack into one giant road trip this year. We've been traveling from one place to the next with constant sending of classic problems along with new development at home crags in-between trips. After being to the Southeast of the U.S. for the first time, and digesting what it had to offer, its definitely changed my perspective as to what is worth developing and what is clearly not, back home. Seems like this sort of awakening is an amazing thing to frequent into the overall climbing experience, oh yeah and also the whole cultural difference was quite shocking. From the shift in humidity levels to the local banjo talk, it was like being straight out of the movie "Deliverance". All in all it was one of the top road trips ever, there is a video on Moons Vimeo page here http://vimeo.com/38232081 <Read More...

Showing 9 to 11 of 11 posts