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Shutter Island

  • 05.08.2013- by Katja Vidmar
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One more week and I’ll be packing my bags for the trip to Colorado! It’s been two and a half years since my last visit to The States and I can’t wait to see my dear american friends and do nothing but climb for the whole month!

In the meantime I'm trying to survive this heat wave and the best place to do that is by the Soča river where boulders are amazing and a chance to jump into the freezing cold water is more than welcome. Usually we climb beside the river but there are many blocs in the middle of it, sticking out, impossible to climb without the landing. But yesterday the guys found a unique thing. An amazing bloc in the middle of the current with a perfect landing! There’s only one way to try it. First, you jump on the block, climb a slab and jump down on the other side. The only way out is to do the mantle or you’re stuck on the little rock island in the middle of the river. Klemen Bečan did the FA of the arrete called Shutter Island and I followRead More...

Climbing, coaching and route setting

  • 22.05.2013- by Katja Vidmar
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The time goes by so quickly. I realized I haven’t been on a climbing trip for more than half a year. Not cool! I work as a climbing coach, and lately, this has taken all of my time. May and June are always crazy and I can’t wait for summer to come. Even if it’s super hot it will be more calm for sure.

My favourite place to climb right now (I mean a place that I can go to for one day) is Trnovo by the Soča river. It’s an amazing ambient with a lot of potential. You can climb new problems every day, so much to do and so much waiting to be found, cleaned and climbed. So when I have a day off and the weather is good I go there to climb projects from last year or just search for new ones.

Beside working as a climbing coach I also did some route setting. This was what I wanted to do for a long time and this year I got an opportunity to set boulder problems for the youth national team training sessions and a national competition. It’Read More...

Women & FA's & other stuff

  • 18.12.2012- by Katja Vidmar
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The year 2012 is saying goodbye and I'm looking forward to the fresh start. The weather here is playing with us all the time. Not so good for climbing outside but perfect to get creative and make some Christmas presents, do some fingerboard training, running, pull ups and other stuff to get fit.

A while ago I went to Podrta gora (a talus spot nearby) together with Gašper. It was pretty wet so we did a lot of searching (walking), found new blocks, built some landings and worked on a hard project before the dark . In one word, we did some hard work. I was crushed at the end of the day.

Sometime ago I read an article Women in Climbing on Jamie Emerson's blog: B3bouldering. It's an interesting discussion about where women's climbing is today if we compare it to men's.

This chapter is intere


  • 05.11.2012- by Katja Vidmar
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Finally October was here and so was our flight to Spain. It all started a bit strange. We arrived to Valencia airport and it was sooo hooot. Yes, we took a cheap Ryanair flight and I had almost all my clothes on...many many layers:)) So we were like ohhh noooo we didn't bring any shorts. Next thing was car rental. Off course we didn't take any extra insurance and we made a nice scratch as soon as we drove out of the parking. Well, it happens. Then the rain started and the next day all the shops were closed because of a holiday we didn't know about. And I caught a bad cold. So what else could go wrong? Nothing. After a not very promising start of the trip we got to the boulder area. And it looked amazing! We forgot about the scratch on the car and my cold got better instantly. We took a walk around and met our Swiss friends Andrea and Petra who also just arrived and planed to spend two weeks in Albarracin like us. The rock dries extremely quickly so after the morning rain and a niRead More...

On the rocks again

  • 11.06.2012- by Katja Vidmar
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Since the competition in Slovenia I haven't spent a day in a gym. I was pretty fed up with indoor training. It bothered me that I forgot to listen to my body and I trained with the whole team more than I knew it's good for me, so I got injured and that made me really angry with myself, because I knew I was playing with fire. But at that time I wanted to keep up with everyone trying to prove to myself and the others, that I can. So stupid. For the holidays in the beginning of May I went to Magic Wood, which was like a therapy for me. I was stressed out after the competition and I needed that short trip to clear my head. It may not be the best place to go climbing if you can't crimp but it's one of my favourite places and spending days in that forest is always nice. I was just forced to choose longer problems with bigger holds. I did Sideways 7C, a nice traverse below my favourite warm up: Blue Sky of Mine 6A. And Blown Away, one of the best lines in the forest. Every time I went by iRead More...

World Cup Log - Slovenia

  • 23.04.2012- by Katja Vidmar
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In the beginning of this year I decided to compete on the World Cup in Log, like last year. It’s been a year since my last World Cup competition and I thought it could be fun and also good for me to train with the whole team. So I did it, but it didn't work out as I wanted. Yesterday, (22.4.2012) I finished 19th in the semifinals. But it all went wrong a few weeks before.

Like I said, I trained with the team since January. It was pretty hard for me to keep up with them. But I thought, this way, I’ll get really strong for the competition and after it I could send some hard stuff outside. Then I pulled my little finger 3 weeks before the competition. First I thought it’s nothing but then it bothered me every time I wanted to crimp something. So I avoided crimps for some time and hopped for the best. I really tried to stay positive. Like this wasn't enough, I caught a terrible cold a week before and with all that trouble I kind of lost my psyche.


Fontainebleau with the Slovenia Climbing Team

  • 16.03.2012- by Katja Vidmar
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I joined Slovenia Climbing Team on the trip to Fontainebleau. It was part of the training for the competition season 2012. 10 days in the forest gave us way more than we could get from training in our little gyms back home.

First day in the forest. It looked like an invasion on boulders. 15 psyched people, hungry for some Font style climbing. We were all over the place. And in 10 days nothing changed! The guys were crushing it and us girls, we were trying really hard but couldn't keep up with them. Anyway, it's Font and it's easy to get stuck on 7A's and 7B's.

Katja climbing La Ram

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