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Bittersweet summer - the bitter part

  • 21.09.2013- by Martin Keller
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The temps have dropped, trees get colored and start to loose leaves, snow has fallen in the mountains - fall has arrived. So its time to have a quick look back what summer was like.

The start of the summer was bitter but the second half was pretty

sweet. Coming back from an 8month rehab period after my hamstrings surgery and feeling strong as never before (due to some “serious” training for which I had time as I was not able to climb outdoors) I managed to split (pretty badly) my meniscus on my left knee.


7 months post surgery - steady progress

  • 17.05.2013- by Martin Keller
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I just had my 6+months post surgery appointment with my doc. After checking the newly made mri-picture its clear that everything is on its place, but its also visible that the tendons are still in the healing-process!

I also had a isokinetic power test showing my hamstrings are at 80% force (the quads at 108%) compared to the not affected leg. So everything is going on like it should be and I am very thankful for that!



  • 15.03.2013- by Martin Keller
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It's still a long way.


breaking bad?!

  • 05.11.2012- by Martin Keller
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The season at sustenpass started well this year. After coming home from South Africa I quickly got in really good shape and was making good progress on my "highlander-project".

In between I tried a project to the left which I was not able to finish up last year. After some days and falling once on the last move I was able to link this really cool and big moves and the "keinschneehasi" was born. Grade is hard to choose as its super morpho. For my size it felt like in the 8B/+ area, if you are taller you can use way easier beta, if you are ondra its may just 8A ;) but whatever grade, super cool climbing, I think it will become a classic!!!

pic 1: crimping for the FA of "keinschneehasi, 8B/+"



the dark and the bright side of rocklands

  • 27.09.2012- by Martin Keller
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for over six years every summer something went "wrong" - but this summer i finally made it down to south africa to visit the "new" boulder-paradise: "rocklands". at first it seemed all the promises were true: most of you know the stunning pics of the "rocklands" but you have to witness it with your own eyes. driving direction clanwilliam and over the pakhuis-pass, i could just not believe what i saw: the landscape, the rock and the never ending horizon of africa just blew me away and it never stopped to amaze me during my over four weeks stay. it happened for about ten times a day that i was just standing out there, glancing into the landscape in pure disbelief of its beauty and solitude... but there was not just "gold" down there. here is the "dark-side" of rocklands: you have to pay to go climbing, climbing is sharp like hell and you will look out for gloves the first day you arrive (if you have not the skin of an olifant), everything looks super cool, but the climbing can bRead More...

FA of "Der mit dem Fels tanzt, 8C"

  • 26.04.2012- by Martin Keller
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The summer was knocking on the door and i knew i had not many days left down there in chironico. Finally after 7weeks of falling on the very last move i managed to figure out the very last micro-beta-detail for the "fisch-project". After a painful week of wating for the rain to stop i was back down on the second dry day. And there it was, the perfect go!!! Everything went like it was suposed to and i had no power left for even more move when i did the rockover of the mantle. Thats how it feels when you climb on your limit -it was just perfect ;)


A long journey has come to a good end. After more Read More...

Vid of the FA (after breake) of No Mystery, Chironico. 7A+/8B+.

  • 19.04.2012- by Martin Keller
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Hope you enjoy! For the story check: this moonblog-post No Mystery (low), Chironico. 7A+/8B+. FA after broken hold. from Moon Climbing on Vimeo.Read More...

"No Mystery"

  • 13.04.2012- by Martin Keller
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"No Mystery" (low) in Chironico (FA afte the broken crux-crimp) "No Mystery" located in Chironico (Swizzy) is a nice littel overhanging shild first climbed by Dave Graham back in time. It has two nice intro-moves that set you up to a big deadpoint-move from a lousy crimp to a good rail. Followed by some very nice top-out moves. Late last year/beginning this year a crux-crimp broke. I had a quick look and it looked like a great new puzzle to be solved. So after having great fun with another puzzle (climbing "Souvenir" wihout the pocket) i made my way to "No Mystery".

Back in time (2005) when

Showing 9 to 16 of 16 posts