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Back in the saddle

  • 27.03.2015- by Simon Weill
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Let's be honest, being injured sucks! In a big way. All of us, no matter whether we fool around on boulders, crush hard on sport routes or love placing wigglies, hate being injured. Worst of all is having time to climb and being unable to do so. Sadly, as we get older, these injuries become more frequent and more debilitating. Bouldering is definitely the most aggravating type of climbing that one can pursue, but just so happens to be my favourite pastime. Add that to my other chosen pursuit, Jiu Jitsu and you have a dynamite combo forever lurking in the background, waiting to mess you up... So, unsurprisingly, in November, I had surgery on my elbow to remove a bone spur and to give it a bit of a clean up. One too many gastons or one too many armbars meant that I was left with a permanently aggravated elbow which I couldn't straighten nor bend the whole way. The surgery itself wasn't a big deal, four small incisions, a bit of cutting and scraping and you're away, but it's what comesRead More...

A GoodYear

  • 13.02.2014- by Simon Weill
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There are times around the Christmas period when I start to feel a little down. Now this is not because I am a sad sack who has no family or mates to pass the festive season with. Its more to do with the weather. Whilst you Northeners are passing the days in blissful conditions, sub zero, dry hands, sticky rock type stuff, it starts to get really hot down here in the So Hem. It's not unusual to have a Christmas where the mercury peaks at around 40degrees. In other words, it's terrible conditions for climbing. Now, it's bad enough that its fucking hot already, but to make matters worse, this year, for the first time in 7 or 8 years, I have to work all summer. So, not only do I miss out on climbing, I can't go travelling, I can't hang on the beach all day and party all night, Well I guess I can party all night, but fronting up to work hung over in your own restaurant all summer is probably not a great look, not to mention a shitty way to pass the days. So, yeah, I'm feeling a little low,Read More...

Back to swizzy

  • 03.12.2013- by Simon Weill
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As always, flying is far more glamorous to those who don't do much of it. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not some high flying exec, who boards a plane for some far flung destination every second week, but when you live on the arse end of the world, flying and particularly, flying for a really long time is part and parcel of climbing at awesome venues around the world. So, it was with the usual trepidation that I boarded my longhaul flight to Milan, praying that there would be some good films and some extra space. I was awarded on my second leg with a full row to myself. Nothing to it really, two valium, an eye mask, ear plugs and whammo, I was in Milan…

Even though I had done th

Switzerland Mark II

  • 22.09.2013- by Simon Weill
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There aren't many places in the world that I think about more. I have only been there once before, but every time I picture it, I start to feel my senses heighten. My palms start to sweat, my fingers crimp involuntarily and I picture pristine granite boulders... Hells yeah, I'm off to Switzerland again. Four weeks out and I couldn't be more excited. Since last year when I spent 2 weeks running around Chironico and Brione I have thought of little else in terms of overseas trips. Well, that's not entirely true, I think about Squamish, Font, Rocklands, Norway, Hueco, Albarracin, but most often I dream of Ticino, the beautiful Swiss Canton, home to some of the most amazing boulders that this wee planet has to offer. I'm not exactly lacking incredible places to climb, I have been living within touching distance of the Grampians up until the middle of this year and have been lucky enough to have free reign on literally hundreds of first ascents. So, why then do I feel so drawn to a far off Read More...

Trad rad!

  • 05.06.2013- by Simon Weill
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Well, it's been a crazy few months and has included some pretty big and very exciting developments. Unfortunately, most of them have not been related to climbing or bouldering. So, firstly I took a month off to try to rest some long term niggles, namely, a badly swollen knuckle on my middle finger and some elbow tendinitis that has been flaring up quite regularly. Apparently happens when one climbs five days a week. Sounds a bit crazy to me... Also, I have been preparing to open a restaurant with my brother and another mate quite a distance from the grampians. It has been pretty full on and has left very little time for climbing outdoors. Especially since I have started really getting back into martial arts. Even so, I have snuck in a few days here and there and have been able to start training properly, something that I haven't done in years. So, even though I have been limited by time, I have actually been making some gains on the campus and fingerboard. Added to which, I have been Read More...

Down to Business

  • 30.03.2013- by Simon Weill
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Just as it seemed as if it would never be cold again, the weather finally changed. It has been the hottest summer ever according to the records and it has certainly felt that way here too. Whilst I have entertained myself in various ways, including tree jumping (jumping out of increasingly high trees into a lake), kayaking and beer drinking, it's climbing that I have wanted to do all along. However, as you can imagine, when there is one day under 30degrees in a five week period it is fairly difficult to get motivated to pull on and harder still to get anything done. I have spent a bit of time shuttling between the Grampians and Mount Arapiles, getting in touch with my inner tradness, as well as ticking off a few mid-range sport routes and even putting up a new sport route at Arapiles, which is a rarity indeed. My friend Gordy had already drilled the holes, but was unable to do one of the moves, so he let me have it. All I had to do was put the bolts in and go for it. Which is exactlRead More...

Simon Weill tied in to a rope! And dispatch an 8b+

  • 19.01.2013- by Simon Weill
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For the first time in many years I have been at home for a summer. Usually I would prefer to be hanging out in cooler climes, such as Switzerland, Spain or England at this time of year. Mostly to climb on primo rock with my Northern Hemisphere peeps, but also to avoid the hideous heat that Australia is capable of producing at this time of year. For an example of this, I need only cast my mind back to yesterday when it was 40degrees. For anyone who hasn't experienced that kind of heat, it is brutal. Stinging sweat, plagues of flies and burn-in-five minutes sun rays. Not much to be achieved when it comes. I rode up Mt William at 8am, a solid 10km hill climb, was home by 10.30 and then got in situ on the couch for the day. A waste of holidays really, but it's not all bad, there are a heap of days when the temperatures are not as high and some of the evenings are actually pretty good. Now I need to clarify this a little. When I say that it's good, I mean for route climbing. As you may knoRead More...

Red Mist

  • 18.12.2012- by Simon Weill
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It can be really draining trying a problem over and over. And trying a single move for days on end can seem like a complete waste of time, particularly if you have the attention span of a goldfish, like me. Now, what was I saying? Oh yeah...I spied this beautiful prow about four months ago, but didn't even wander up to have a proper look at it until a couple of weeks later. I was immediately blown away by how perfect the rock was and how difficult each individual move would be. Initially, I was only able to do three of the eleven moves, but could conceive doing all but one of them. I have done of lot of new problems this year and it has been incredible. Most of them have taken only a session or two to knock over, apart from the Taken, which due to its height proved more of an issue. But, I have lacked something really hard to throw myself at. This prow would be perfect. The crux is low to the ground, easily worked on without a spotter and it is close to home, so after work sessions Read More...

Showing 1 to 8 of 17 posts