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Matteo Gambaro

Name: Matteo Gambaro - Italy
DOB: 1974
Interview: Moon Climbing / january 2015


Ben MOON sent the world’s first ever 9a and you are now part of the MOON team. How will you contribute to the legacy of the MOON brand?

- I will contribute to the legacy of the Moon brand with my passion and by climbing hard, and I will promote the products in our climbing gym and shop, www.postodiblocco.com

Aspirations and ambitions are key drivers for all top climbers. But how do you deal with defeat?

- To win once it is necessary to be defeated 1000 times!

“Train Hard – Climb Harder” is a MOON motto. Share one of your secrets with us.

- My secret is not to wait to be ready to attempt something.

What will you change in your training regime for 2015 to improve your climbing standard?

- The fewer projects I concentrate on, the better I can manage to realize them.

We all say we climb for fun, but be brutally honest, what is really driving you?

- I have an endless need to discover myself.

If you have to put a number to your ambitions for 2015 what would that be and are you raising the bar enough to be uncomfortable?

9a+? (MOON red)

What is important? To achieve a new grade this year or send a long-standing project?

- I think it’s important to find new projects and realize whether they are possible or not…for me.

Progressing in climbing is impossible with out some sacrifices. What is going to have to take a back seat in 2015 in order for you to make that goal happen?

- I’m prepared to change my life to achieve my goals.

What will you do in 2015 to help inspire those who follow MOON?

- Climb hard every day, bolt new projects, set good competitions.

We all follow climbing gossip and news. What inspired you in 2014 and what pissed you off in 2014?

- I was inspired by young talented athletes, but sometimes their parents pissed me off.

Tell us what you think will be your most ambitious and inspiring projects for 2015.

- I’ve just bolted a new super natural project and I want to climb it.

Tell us what is the most hyped route or boulder you ever climbed that was actually just hyped and not at all that good or as hard as perceived.

- In 2008, during my Easter holidays, I climbed “Fissures Serge ” 7c+/8a at Buoux after four attempts. The day before I had climbed an 8b on-sight.

Suggest a few routes or problems you think any climber with some self-respect should have on their bucket list.

- Routes: Yaena 8b (finale ligure), Arcademicien 8c (Ceuse), Pata negra 8c(Rodellar), El membre 8c (Siurana), Abyss 9a(Gorge du loup)


- Why not?