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Katja Vidmar

Name: Katja Vidmar – MOON Ambassador
Moon Climbing / January 2015


Ben MOON sent the world’s first ever 9a and you are now part of the MOON team, how will you contribute to the legacy of the MOON brand?

- Ben is a climbing legend and he made history with sending Hubble. I don’t want to compare my climbing achievements with that. I wish I did some cool FA’s and inspire some other girls to go out and brush some new stuff. Making FA’s is still pretty much what guys do but I hope this will change.

Aspirations and ambitions are key drivers for all top climbers. But how do you deal with defeat?

- At first there’s frustration and self doubt. In those moments I really think little of myself and my climbing. I also get pretty emotional and I usually end up crying. But I’m also very stubborn and I like to find something positive in every situation. So usually, after I calm down, I get some perspective and I stop whining and I try again. Sometimes it’s hard to see something positive when you keep failing and failing but then it feels so much better when you finally do it.

“Train Hard – Climb Harder” is a MOON motto. Share one of your secrets with us.

- There are no big secrets it’s hard work and it’s how bad you want something. Motivation and drive is everything. If you have that, there is nothing stopping you. Going out of your comfort zone and being able to give 100% every time is the key. Having some perspective where you are and where you wanna be is also important so you don’t get lost on the way. And never forget what your body is trying to tell you!

What will you change in your training regime for 2015 to improve your climbing standard?

- Time management is a bit of a problem for me. I need to be more organized to take more time for training and climbing even on days when I’m busy with all the other stuff. Otherwise a day goes by so quickly and it’s too bad if I don’t do anything for me and my climbing.

We all say we climb for fun but be brutally honest what is really driving you?

- It’s just climbing. It’s my life and it’s who I am and I can’t imagine living without it. My drive and my motivation is changing all the time. First I wanted to win competitions, then I wanted to crush outside and at the moment I feel that drive when I see an amazing line or a boulder that just looks to good not to be climbed. It’s even better if it’s also hard for me or even a bit too hard and that’s when I’m totally hooked.

If you have to put a number to your ambitions for 2015 what would that be and are you raising the bar enough to be uncomfortable?

- I don’t want to put a number on it. I just want to climb as much as possible, explore, and keep evolving as a climber. All that means a lot more to me than numbers.

What is important? To achieve a new grade this year or send a long standing project?

- It would be really cool to send a long standing project, no matter the grade.

Progressing in climbing is impossible with out some sacrifice’s, what is going to have to take a back seat in 2015 in order for you to make that goal happen?

- I need to get better at organizing my time and I should cut some sugar off my menu.

What will you do in 2015 to help inspire those who follow MOON?

- I hope I can inspire some people with my way of life as a climber. Maybe some will get inspired by seeing me on top of a boulder problem that is hard for me and out of my comfort zone and they’ll say “if she can do it, I can”.

We all follow climbing gossip and news. What inspired you in 2014 and what pissed you off in 2014?

- I must say that in 2014 the most inspiring was working with Slovenia Climbing Team. It was amazing what they did last year, how many medals they won and how hard they worked for it. I’m really happy to be part of such a cool team. The other thing that inspired me were all the strong girls that crushed those hard boulders outside and pushed female bouldering to another level. What pissed me off? It’s hard to put a finger on something but in general I don’t like all the grade chasers out there and I don’t like people who are full of excuses.

Tell us what you think will be your most ambitious and inspiring projects for 2015.

- I think this year it’s time to climb some Fontainebleau classics. I love sandstone in this magical forest and it’s always fun to get your ass kicked in something that is supposed to be easy.

Tell us what is the most hyped route or boulder you ever climbed that was actually just hyped and not at all that good or as hard as perceived?

- When I see something like that I don’t usually get on it just because it’s hyped. Maybe I give it a try and then I don’t care about it much and I try to find something that I like and that I wanna climb.

Suggest a few routes or problems you think any climber with some self-respect should have on their bucket list.

- I have my personal list, but the problem is that it’s very long and it’s only getting longer. I’ll try to be short here and I’ll name just a few that I want to climb one day or I already did: Midnight Lightening, Stem Gem, Fountainhead, Flower Power, Harry Spotter, La Nave Va, Brad Pit, Duel, La Berezina…


- I like Moon because it’s 100% climbing. There’s a story and they truly understand and love climbing. It’s not just a big corporation and all that shows in every product. Things are made very thoughtfully and somebody who is not a climber could never think of those tiny details that make the product special or/and super practical. I have been in The Team since 2011 and I’m very happy and proud to be part of such a cool brand.