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Lucas Dourdourekas

Name: Lucas Dourdourekas - Kalymnos

Moon Climbing / January 2015


Ben MOON sent the world’s first ever 9a and you are now part of the MOON team. How will you contribute to the legacy of the MOON brand?

- I will train hard and I will try to climb difficult routes/boulders so I will be advertising the MOON brand.

Aspirations and ambitions are key drivers for all top climbers. But how do you deal with defeat?

- When I give my best and I lose I don’t feel bad; I feel bad when I know I didn’t give my best. Sometimes defeat can motivate you to try harder to reach your goal.

“Train Hard – Climb Harder” is a MOON motto. Share one of your secrets with us.

- Stay focused, stay motivated.

What will you change in your training regime for 2015 to improve your climbing standard?

- I will spend more time on power endurance because, over the last four years, I focused on bouldering and strength training.

We all say we climb for fun, but be brutally honest, what is really driving you?

- No I don’t climb just for fun. I climb and I train to reach the next hold of my project or my next repetition on the fingerboard, and when I reach my goal, then it’s fun. So most of the time is not fun, it’s just what you have to do☺.

If you have to put a number to your ambitions for 2015 what would that be and are you raising the bar enough to be uncomfortable?

- Harder!

What is important? To achieve a new grade this year or send a long-standing project?

- The best will be both of these, but one thing I will focus on this year is to send an old, long project.

Progressing in climbing is impossible without some sacrifices. What is going to have to take a back seat in 2015 in order for you to make that goal happen?

- I will sacrifice my personal time to spend more time training and, of course, I will sacrifice food so I weigh less.

What will you do in 2015 to help inspire those who follow MOON?

- I will try to climb and train harder, and I will try to make more videos.

We all follow climbing gossip and news. What inspired you in 2014 and what pissed you off in 2014?

- Inspired: that Patxi Usobiaga  is back climbing agin!

- Pissed off: nothing.

Tell us what you think will be your most ambitious and inspiring projects for 2015.

- No names – just some of my long-standing projects on my island (Kalymnos).

Tell us what is the most hyped route or boulder you ever climbed that was actually just hyped and not at all that good or as hard as perceived.

- Daniboy on Kalymnos.

Suggest a few routes or problems you think any climber with some self-respect should have on their bucket list.

DNA, Kalymnos, Daniboy, kalymnos, Souvenir, Chironico, Kim I later, Chironico


- Because of the inspiring owner! Because of the nice style of the clothing! Because of the best crash pads! And, of course, because of the Moonboard!