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Climbing / School / Training Questionnaire

Training Questionnaire

Training Questionaire

by Rich Simpson

To suit a wide range of climbers, my articles include three levels of difficulty, (Beginner, intermediate and Advanced) this will allow me to be a lot more specific to your needs. Clearly a climber who has been climbing for 10 years and is now at a level of French 8b will need to train differently to a climber who has only just started and did their first V Diff lead last weekend.

Answer this questionnaire accurately to help you decide what level you will benefit most from. This is only a guide and the real choice is left you to what advice you do or do not follow.

1. How long have you been climbing regularly (ie three or more days per week) for

A) Less than 1 year

B) 1 to 3 years

C) 3 to 4 years

D) More than 4 years

2. What current level do you climb (redpoint) indoors or outdoors

A) Up to French 6b+ (Up to E1)

B) French 6c to 7a (Up to E3)

C) French 7a+ to French 7c (Up to E5)

D) French 7c+ and above

3. What current level do you boulder at (worked)?

A) Up To Font 6a+

B) Font 6b to Font 6c+

C) Font 7a to font 7b+

D) Font 7c and above

4. How much time are you willing to put into training on a regular basis?

A) 1 Night Per week

B) 2 or 3 Nights per week

C) 3 or 4 Nights per week

D) 4 or more Nights per week


Now calculate what answer in each question is closest to you climbing, and use your answer to match yourself to the required evaluation table now use the answer to work out what level you should start at.

If the majority of your answers where:

A. Then at the moment it isn’t worth specifically training for climbing, I suggest you climb on the rocks as much as you can and build up a basic level of experience before starting specific training.

B. I suggest you follow the Beginners advice in the articles. (coming soon)

C. I suggest you follow the intermediate advice. (coming soon)

D. I suggest you follow the advanced advice. (coming soon)